Monday, December 20, 2010


Kenalilah Allah
Kenalilah Allah
Kenalilah Allah

Kelak kau akan jatuh cinta padaNya.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Start small.

Back when I was in high school, I had these words written on the back of my room door. When I saw it again this morning, suddenly it hit me. 

I have left the room for nearly 5 years, but where am I now? Have I met with my destiny? How my habits and character have changed throughout the process? Am I better person than who I was 5 years ago?

If I am still having doubts answering those, I shall just.. 

start over.

Life is too short to spend on regretting things that doesn't happen to you. Why not do something about it, and do the changing now. 

Living on the sustenance that Allah gives us until the second we die, we are given the ALL the chance to make full use of it. LIVE your life.

Rezeki tak akan putus sampai saat kita dimasukkan ke liang lahad.

Why do I say this now?

 Because I just realized that life is ONLY worth living if we end it being a faithful practicing Muslim. Especially to our parents, we (as children) are worth raising if we turn up well enough to pray for our parents' well being even after they past away. 

However, life is ain't that simple. That's why we do the best that we can, because we should know that we are not judged by how things turned out to be; but how hard we fought for it & how honest we are to make them right. Every second is a chance for us to start again, and yes, we can start small.

Imange taken from here

CX4 it is.

Canon PowerShot S95

We've been eyeing this canon for quite a while now. We love the size, the design, and the best of all- the new creative setting they have inside! plus, 720p HD video recording- how cool is that!.
..and so, we went to Yodobashi to play with it. Yes, we love it! It cost about 39,000yen there, but you can get this S95 for 33,000yen from

As Yodobashi plays their 'bye-bye-get-out-now-cuz-we're-closing' music, we took a glimpse of Ricoh's new camera. Mukai-kun is the face of their product; which is like, what? Mukai-kun and camera doesn't make a nice fit, uh. >_<"

But we know that the Yodobashi sales person wont make us leave just yet. He keeps on showing us how great the new camera is. Amazingly, CX4 posses quite a lot of S95's amazing features and it only cost about 34,000yen in yodobashi with 18% points (we can use about 6,000yen worth of points), and in, from around 26,000yen. The guy said that he'll give both of us a 4GB SDHC card each, ONLY if BOTH of us buy the camera. Not only that, we'll get free camera straps that cost nearly 3,000yen each.

Yikes. Why do we have to end up making decision like this..?

We kept on asking, why this and why that. How different is this one compared to our beloved S95?
and yeah, it's way cheaper though.. and he told us, "We're using Mukai-kun. Which is cheaper, rather than having Kimutaku - which is what YOU will have to pay for a Nikon". -haha. that is very true indeed. ^^"

Yes, yes.. amazingly both us bought the same camera. CX4. This is not the first time that we did that. My first camera, IXY 910 IS (which I have proudly used for the past years till now), is still very much alive with a round black patch on its screen. >_<*

How is CX4 so far? - Great! 

This piece used a feature called 'toy camera'. 

this one.. i don't remember. - -"

this one.. miniature feature. ^^

The rest of the pictures can be seen here.

From countless of Canon camera, we moved-on to Nikon, and we've heard a lot about SONY, Panasonic, Olympus, Casio.. you name it, but never Ricoh. 

I'm giving this brand a try. Starting from the packaging box, we know that this one will be way different from all the rest. 

Friday, November 05, 2010

Cinta Terlarang - Orang jepun pun tahu malu.

(A rojak post- by Niea. present tense is used so that you can pretend that you are with me at that time )

5th period feels like it ends at 10pm. Jam 6 pun dah masuk Isyak, keluar-keluar kelas je, kat luar dah malam.

As I walk towards Shibuya station, I see a man and a woman in their work suits walking side by side.
It seems like they are trying very hard to have a little conversation here and there-
but they have to keep up with the busy moving crowd; no place for a chit-chat.
As if, they are whispering, they still keep the distance between them.

Ah..I guess it's not the crowd that keeps them apart then.

( FYI, it's an odd thing to see working couples in the city, mana tahu ada scandal ke apa kan.. ^_^" but they look young; late 20's mungkin)

Back to the story, they are walking in front of me and I can't help to know what's the story behind these two.

Entah bila masa, the guy sways his hand forward and the lady catches it abruptly!

Dengan kasarnya, the guy let go of her hand and shouted, "hazukashiiyo!" which means "it's embarrassing!" and put his hand in his pocket immediately.

Errr.. terdiam sebentar melihat situasi yang sungguh awkward ini.

The lady then keeps on walking align with the guy but she keeps on looking to the ground. Not knowing what to do, how to react. That moment really embarassed her.

Serious, rasa macam nak lari je dari situ so that I won't have to witness all this. But orang ramai sangat tak boleh nak gerak mana.

She keeps on following him even though he never bothers to walk a little bit slow for her. Yes- almost 10 minutes of awkwardness and I am still kat belakang diorang.

Then, one thing happened that made me think that they could actually be a couple..

Before climbing the stairs yang boleh tahan la penat nak memanjatnya, dan sangat-sangat-sangat packed dengan manusia, suddenly he said,


and she slowly grabs his hand from the back.

As we reach up to the end of the staircase, he let go of her hand and walk fast upfront as if they never knw each other at all. She keeps on following him from behind.

How complicated.

When she manages to catch up with him again, this time he is the one who's trying to touch her hand. But he didn't.

Romantic? I don't think so- because both of them think that it's a shameful act to do in front of the public. They were just trying to control themselves.

This incident really reminds me of a high school couple I saw in Pavilion when I was back in Malaysia for the summer. They were walking so (very) close as the boy's hand was on the girl's hip. Sumpah nak muntah!
Still with school uniform on lagi tu! Dengan batch sekolah pun ada lagi. Ya Allah..

If it were for the Japanese, akan malu besar kalau I dapat tahu which company they are from.

Bonda and I had our treatment at pavilion that day and it was ramadhan. Bonda said to me, "You've been preaching all this while. Now is the time for you to really do something about that (the high school couple). You have a strong reason to give. It's ramadhan anyway".

Subhanallah, Maha Suci Allah, mulut tiba-tiba seperti dah kene lock. Anak kunci macam dah telan masuk perut. Dah kene cerna. Hilang. Rasa nak lari jauh-jauh: buat-buat tak nampak. Suruh la orang lain yang tegur. Tak berani-!

Subhanallah, sungguh itu adalah cubaan pada diri ini yang cukup besar. Allah nak test sikit je. Buat ke tidak. Ada berani nak amal makruf nahi mungkar? Tegur biar dengan hikmah. Tapi sekarang hikmah kemana, apa kemana. Buat-buat tak nampak, level iman tahap mana tu? Begitukah sedemikian keadaannya sekarang ini teman-teman di Malaysia?

Susah nak beramal makruf nahi mungkar?

I was relived to be able to take my eyes off the couple. But, this is Japan. Kafirs that knows the meaning of being shameful of such.

But to the muslims that knows Allah is watching them all the time ? The idea, the thought of doing shameful things pun Allah dah tahu. Belum buat pun lagi. Tak malukah kita pada Allah?

I am ashamed of myself for not being able to say anything. Berani kerana benar. A great lesson learnt. Tak mahu lagi menanggung beban dosa tak mengamalkan nahi mungkar.


Friday, October 29, 2010

at 6.30am

Today, at 6:30 in the morning,

I had to send someone to the eki, because she had an early flight to catch. It was cold. I was only wearing my green kaftan, hood, and a jacket. With the thought of six-thirty a-m, I couldn't bother much.

As I went out,

I saw a father, with his primary-school-uniform-daughter walking down to the train station. There were quite a number of them, businessmen in suits with a little girl by them side. They looked old, with a lot of white hair. Around their 40's maybe, off to work at 6:30 in the morning.

At 6:30 in the morning,

I saw a sleepy-looking lady, walking face down to the ground, not bothering to catch the next train that comes. I saw men with their tie on, run as fast as they could, to not miss the 6:30 train that leaves in less than a minute.

6:30 in the morning.
That's not early because the first train to the city is at 4:45 am.

(It's as real as it can get- ready to be crushed to your bones every morning like this, and its amazing that you still manage to do it everyday at least for 20 years time- I didn't take this)

At 6:30 in the morning,

I saw some university students march their way up the hill around Iman's house. There were also students who jog around the area, at six-thirty. Taxis and buses are ready to start another busy day at six-thirty as well. One more day to get through life as if we are meant to live until we're 100 years old. How so meaningful 6:30 is to them.

I wonder, what time do they woke up, if they had to start their life cycle at 6:30? Some of the Japanese friends that I know wake up at 6am for 11am class just to prepare for their make-up (and for the travelling +-2hours).

But us?
What do we do at 6:30 in the morning?

Fajr(Subuh) is at four-thirty and the sun rises at six. Let me remind you that we should not sleep between the hours of Fajr. Allah said so, and the prophet said so. Yet, I am very sure that many of us are still in their futon even 1o minutes before Fajr ends. Let alone keeping ourself awake for the one-hour-and-a-half period. Sounds hard?


What's the different between us, and the Japanese?


It's in our head. If we think its muri-hard, we're not trying good enough to discipline ourself.
[YES, this is a self reminder as-well]

At 6:30 in the morning,

Allah knows everything that you are doing.

What does six-thirty means to you? What do you usually at this hour of the day? Are you like these Japanese? Or, you're like me?- as soon as Fajr ends, back in bed, waiting for the right time to get up for school? [ lets do something about tht then!]

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's what you do.

" I don't like what you are doing, but I respect who you are.

You know why?

Because maybe who you are tomorrow will be better than who I am today."

-Prof Tariq Ramadan

Monday, October 18, 2010

*Subhanallah* "How the Bible Led Me to Islam": The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister - Joshua Evans

I spend my dinner cooking time listening to this.

Its an obligation for us to share ISLAM to the world. Its our job as khalifah of Allah.
Subhanallah. MasyaAllah.

Menuntut ilmu adalah taqwa,
Menyampaikan ilmu adalah ibadah,
Mengulang-ulang ilmu adalah dzikir,
Mencari ilmu adalah jihad.


Friday, October 01, 2010


Subhanallah, pejam celik pejam celik, dah dekat sebulan post terakhir jadi muka depan blog. Afwan ya teman-teman. Itu pun kalau ada yang tertunggu-tunggu la kan.. =) Penat lelah kat Malaysia rasa macam tak hilang-hilang lagi. Rindu pulak kesibukan melayan adik-adik; 24 jam tak berhenti, apatah lagi nak duduk depan komputer menulis blog. Sekembalinya ke Jepun, hidup ini rasa macam dah beratus-ratus degree berubah. Selepas pemergian Kak Raihan ke rahmatullah bulan Ramadhan lepas, banyak jugak berfikir-fikir tentang hidup dan mati. Itulah hikmahnya kematian; supaya jadi peringatan pada yang masih hidup.

"A month ago, she was here with us, married for less than a year, and 5 months pregnant. Her husband's apple of the eye, and our big sister that taught us the life in the path of Allah. But life is nothing but a test, for her, her husband, and everyone around her. She left all of us with the baby that we yet to meet. Why now? If she's going to die this early, what' s with the baby? and getting married? or even the hardship of 4 years studying in Japan? It all seems a waste of time. Yes. How life sounds very unfair for the unbelievers." - TDH

Hidup adalah UJIAN semata-mata dari Allah untuk manusia di dunia ini. Kehidupan kita hari ini bukanlah untuk dunia yang fana. Ingatlah semula tujuan hidup kita wahai manusia. Esok mungkin hari terakhir kita mencari-cari rahmat Allah di muka bumi.

Orang-orang beriman, hidupnya tidak untuk hidup. Tapi hidupnya untuk Maha Hidup. Hidupnya bukan untuk mati, tapi justeru, mati itulah untuk hidup. Hidupnya untuk Maha Hidup. Dia tidak takut mati. Dia tidak cari mati. Dan ia tidak lupakan mati, tapi justeru dia rindukan mati. Mengapa? Kerna mati bukanlah wafat. Kerna mati bukanlah akhir dalam kehidupan ini, tapi awal kehidupan sebenarnya. Kerna mati, satu-satunya pintu berjumpa denganNya. Kebahagiaan bagi kekasih, saat-saat, detik-detik, berjumpa denganNya. Saat berjumpa, itulah kebahagiaan. Bagi orang-orang beriman yang mencintai Allah.

-Ust. Ariffin Ilham

Terngian-ngiang ucapan ust. Ariffin dalam mp3nya. Betul2.. diri ini tak berhenti-henti mengangguk, tersenyum-senyum kalau mahu memikirkan betapa hebatnya kasih sayang Allah, rahmat Allah, dan syurga Allah di sana nanti.

Post-box rumah penuh dengan iklan segala macam. Yang tak boleh sumbat, disumbatnya jugak dengan kertas-kertas iklan sampai meluah-luah keluar. Untuk apa ini? Ditelili satu pesatu tujuan hidup manusia di bumi matahari terbit.

Makanan. Makanan, yang lebih sedap. Yang lebih baik. Makanan dari seluruh pelusuk dunia, semuanya ada. Sampai mana sangat perut ini boleh di-isi? Pengakhirannya ke tandas juga.

Hiburan+ Gadget. Televisyen, cerita lawak, drama terbaru, movie terbaru, lagu terbaru. Artis-artis terbaru, sana dan sini. Game terbaru. Camera terbaru, telefon terbaru. Nak tengok mana sangat? Nak mainnya lagi, nak keep-updated sampai mana sangat?

Fesyen. Ini jangan cakap. Iklan baju sahaja dah boleh penuh satu beg kertas. Iklan kasut lagi, aksesori lagi. Perempuan lelaki, sama. Berapa banyak baju nak pakai dah..

Kecantikan. Special discount untuk program kelansingan. Kasi sini kurus, sana kurus, muka pun nak kurus. Tak payah makan la kalau lagu tu. Sini nak cabut, sana nak cabut. Habis semua kasi cabut.

Personally, saya ini tak adalah zuhud mana. Tapi hidup manusia ni, kalau tak berpada-pada, kalau tak sederhana, takut lemas duniawi saja nanti. Nauzubillah.

Semenjak seminggu bertapak di rumah, suis televisyen pun tak dicucuk lagi. Arialnya entah kemana. Terfikir-fikir jugak, apa-apa di televisyen tu tak lari punya. Sampai manalah sangat nak ikut.

-Kepada Arashi, "Life goes on. I'm moving on."

Banyak tanggungjawab hidup ini tak selesai lagi, kalau-kalau lah Allah nak tarik nyawa ini esok. Mudah-mudahan, nyawa yang masih ada ini kita guna sebaik mungkin, insyaAllah.

wallahualam. <3

Sunday, September 05, 2010

SP#4 Berebut pahala

Berebut pahala puasa?  Mak saya  cerita, masa kat mekah haritu, ada orang akan berebut menarik anda supaya berbuka puasa di tempat yang mereka sediakan untuk berbuka. Lebih ramai orang berbuka dengan makanan yang mereka provide, apalagi, lebihlah pahala yang dapat diorang kumpul. Sebab dalam masjid tak boleh bawak makanan sendiri, semua orang makan makanan yang sama yang masjid sediakan.  So, bila ada yang terlepas bawak own food, apalagi, extra pahala la! Sebab pahala sangat banyak berganda-ganda kalau beri makan pada orang yang sedang berpuasa demi Tuhan Yang Maha Esa. Sebab tu la better kita  buat SELALU majlis berbuka untuk orang yang berpuasa dari buat open house belanja beribu-ribu untuk hari raya. Kalau kita belanja kawan kita makan untuk berbuka pun, masyaAllah pahala puasa dia pun dapat kat kita tanpa sedikit pun pahala puasa kita berkurangan. Hebatkan?  Kedai-kedai menjual makanan kat sana pulak, menarik orang ramai  beli makanan kat kedai mereka supaya boleh disedekahkan pada orang laim yang sedang berpuasa. "Pahala!,  pahala!", orang kedai seperti memanggil-manggil. Bulan Ramadhan la kedai2 makan nak rebut pahala. Bukannya rebut untung semata! Oih, kalau bukak gerai kat bazaar Ramadhan, sure untung banyak dapat beli baju raya exta tahun ni. Mokuteki short-term deshou?  Ramadhan ni bulan yang sangat awesome. Buat apa2 pun Allah gandakan kebaikan. Tapi kalau dosa, takdela pulak Allah gandakan sampai jadi ribu-ribu kali ganda negatif. Baik je Allah kat kita. So, dekat2 nak habis Ramadhan ni? Apa benda yang kita dah buat, special lagi dari hari2 biasa kita? Insyaallah kalau benda baik, boleh la kita heret buat sampai our next Ramadhan. (tu pun belum tentu ek? Insyallah..) P/s: dalam dekat2 nak raya ni makin sedih pulak Ramadhan dh nak habis. At the same time, makin pendek la masa tinggal kat Malaysia ni, makin pendek la masa tinggal tuk spend time ngan family. Aduh, dah sebak-sebak dah nih.. (−_−;)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

SP#3 Kepulangan dari Mekah!

Sudah genap 10 hari mereka pergi, and my parents are now back in town!
Dalam kesibukan yang super awesome itu, dapatlah snap gambar budak-budak here and there. Sikit je la pun, tak banyak. Sibukla katakan.. ^-^"
Bonda bought a lot of jubah for me, but unfortunately she bought ALL 'S' size. Ehm, kecik.
So, sesiapa yang 'rasa' dia kecik sikit from me, I can sell them to you. Lawa2, but tu lah.. bukan rezeki saya namanya tu. Not only me, even the boys and the girls pun baju singkat la, tangan panjang sangatla.. macam-macam. Lain kali kena ukur dulu la yer, budak-budak ni cepat membesarnya.
But one thing that I REALLY like a lot is.... the kurmas!
Seriously, they are super delicious! Ada packets of kurma that yang dah dibuang bijiknya, and sangatlah sedap! Dang! Lain sangat la dengan kurma yang dibeli kat Tesco tu. Kurma packet tu bonda cakap dapat masa orang tengah tunggu nak bukak puasa kat Masjidil Haram, Mekah. No wonder la sedap sungguh ek? They also bought kurma nabi n stuff, banyak jugaklah food from there. Subhanallah!
Saya juga mahu pergi tanah haram!
One of my japanese friend asked me before I came back to Malaysia.
"U ni dah merata-rata jalan, tapi Mekah pun tak pergi lagi. Apadaa.."kata Katsu dengan nada perli.
"Hey. Tunggu la I kawin dulu, takmau la pergi sorang,"jawab saya nak cover baik.
Bonda dengar je pasal pertanyaan hebat si Katsu ni, dia pun cakap, "Kat sana nanti bukan boleh nak mengikooot je mana suami pergi. Nanti dia kemana, kamu kemana."
What I was trying to say is, STATUS solo la... I want to go as a married person. Apa tidak bisa? Haish. So, itulah ceritanya sedikit sebanyak yang boleh nak di share dalam waktu yang singkat ini.
Kain baju banyak lagi tengah menunggu dicuci, dilipat.. Kerja bibik anak sepuluh bukan senang oi! hehe.. Nak tanya apa2 silakan.
ramadhan mubarak untuk semua!
mari2 kita kejar lailatul qadr! tak sabar-sabar rasanya! waku-waku gitu!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

SP#2 They left.

Last summer, they went to Barcelona for 2 weeks. This year, my parents have planned to go for umrah about 10 days. Why? Because Nadiah is at home.  I feel like the biggest baby left back. All 4 girls sobbed like mad when mommy left for the immigration. Before I knew it, my list of things to do have been laundries, cooking, dishes and many many more, just like a full time mother (more like a widow since you have kids, but with no husband - said a friend). The groceries list is all about diapers, milk and food to cook for iftar. We don't really buy food from the bazaar Ramadan nowadays. But you don't expect me to make 2-3 different dishes! My mother is an exception. She's a superwoman. Sometimes she can make 5 dishes for dinner! Today's iftar was OK. Before I knew it, I miss my mother too much. I have so many things on my mind that I get unnecessary headache. When we got ready for tarawih tonight, only the last kids want to go. The rest? je ne sais pas. I have no idea where they went.
@Masjid Wilayah after tarawih. (sans bonda)
When I got home, more dishes coming, more laundry coming.. Allah knows what's best. He's the best planner. I hope the other sisters at KILAT, Masjid KLIA will be just fine. Allah-hafiz.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Summer Post SP#1 Them Roads

In less than 24 hours after landing in Kuala Lumpur, I had to drive all the way to KLIA from home all by myself. Let me remind you that I have not been driving for nearly a year now. (I was trembling! One hour of driving was somewhat scary! )
I had no choice.
One thing I realized was that, SOME of Malaysians drive like loose monkeys on the roads.
They give you no signal sign.
They don't give way to you.
They cut lanes like they're playing go-cart.
They follow you like they can't wait to kiss your car's ***.
They don't care about you giving the signal sign.
Left line for the slow ones? Nah, no more.
It's already stressful enough dealing with those kind of human beings while driving. I don't need the road sign to give me anymore stress.
I wonder who made all those signs.
They're amazingly horrible.
and detours?
You've gotta be kidding me.
Why not tell me how can I get there rather than telling me you're sorry.
wow. Malaysia's road. I didn't know that I'll be this emotional and angry. One hour of travelling took me two hours. I guess I'm exhausted enough. Or maybe that it has been a while, that you can say that I'm too pampered back in Japan. Seriously.
We do not need them signboard.
Mr. Navi, I NEED YOU!

Monday, August 02, 2010

25 years later..

A boat docked in a tiny Mexican fishing village.
A tourist complimented the local fishermen on the quality of their fish and asked how long it took him to catch them. "Not very long" they answered in unison. "Why didn't you stay out longer and catch more?" The fishermen explained that their small catches were sufficient to meet their needs and those of their families. "But what do you do with the rest of your time?" "We sleep late, fish a little, play with our children, and take siestas with our wives.In the evenings, we go into the village to see our friends, have a few drinks, play the guitar, and sing a few songs. We have a full life." The tourist interrupted, "I have an MBA from Harvard and I can help you! You should start by fishing longer every day. You can then sell the extra fish you catch. With the extra revenue, you can buy a bigger boat." "And after that?" "With the extra money the larger boat will bring, you can buy a second one and a third one and so on until you have an entire fleet of trawlers. Instead of selling your fish to a middle man, you can then negotiate directly with the processing plants and maybe even open your own plant. You can then leave this little village and move to Mexico City, Los Angeles, or even New York City! From there you can direct your huge new enterprise." "How long would that take?" "Twenty, perhaps twenty-five years" replied the tourist. "And after that?" "Afterwards? Well my friend, that's when it gets really interesting," answered the tourist, laughing. "When your business gets really big, you can start buying and selling stocks and make millions!" "Millions? Really? And after that?" asked the fishermen. "After that you'll be able to retire, live in a tiny village near the coast, sleep late, play with your children, catch a few fish, take a siesta with your wife and spend your evenings drinking and enjoying your friends." "With all due respect sir, but that's exactly what we are doing now. So what's the point wasting twenty-five years?" asked the Mexicans.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


I'm in a good mood. I made this PACO. I'm packing up for home. I'm ready to take chances. I love having Izyan back in Japan. I will be in Malaysia for 2 months. I cant wait to see someone back home. I want to have the best raya ever. I miss bonda. I'll say "Hello!" to the girls. I'll say "Hello!" to the sisters. I'll say "Hello!" to you. It has been a while. Right?


さーさー!もう夏だよ^^! 花火を見に行ったり。。 遊園地に行ったり。。 遊びー遊び!! アラマー! コンサートは?? アップ嵐に決まってるでしょう!アップ ============= しょぼん そうですね。 ただの夢でしたね。汗 嵐のコンサートなんて、花火もなかなか生で見られない。 さ、 夏は来年また来るのかわからないでしょう? 命なんて自分のものでもないし。 だから、 夢のままでいいなのか? 「今年こそ!」って言っても珍しくもない。 けど、 「嵐なんて絶対無理!」と言われたばかり。 「じゃ、無理か?」と自分に聞いてみたら、 やっぱり、夢のままで行けない。 しょぼん本当に行きたい。 本気で会いたい。 しょぼんどうすればいいの? お金で買えないもの 世界一な勇気を持っている人になりたい お金で買えないもの その感情の無限さをもらってみたい お金で買えないもの 嵐のコンサートに行きたい。


Hati yang tenang itu adalah nikmat terbaik dari Allah.
The decision has been made.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


無事に(そうなの?)終わりましたー 確かにしあまりにもできなくて、めっちゃ悔しいでございます。。m(-。-)”m 何でかというと。


マジで。 書き方がわからない。スペリンッグもむっちゃくっちゃだった。 死んじゃう。 As most of us know that french writing does not make much sense with the sound. What is written, and what is being said, is... a different thing. That is one. The other is that..

They have different ways of spelling the same verb, but the pronounciation is the same.
and Ms. nadiah here, is 超苦手(really bad) at writing them words. Thus, she hates those classes that writes a lot. So picked a class called, "Communication Française III" (dengan harapan hebat akan banyak cakap dari tulis). Well, she was wrong. Most Japanese can write, but not speak the language. It really makes a lot of difference when I could not catch what they were saying in class, and while they are majoring in FRENCH! Thus, Mme. Catherine decided to give us an end-semester exam. Which is WRITING, and WRITING and MORE WRITING.
"I can speak, but not write!"
Why? Because I have no idea how the words are spelled most of the times. Why? Because I learn the language by listening. To their conversation. To their musics. To their radios. Adehh. 寝不足かなぁ・・?Salah sendiri gak eh? Nak belajar, biar belajar betul-betul. Faham semua. Tahu semua. Kan? Kan? Allah nak tunjuk supaya study tu biar sempurna. Jangan huru-hara last minute. (yeke?^-^") UkuranNya ada pada usaha. So, dah terang-terang ek kalau usaha kita pun tak 120%? (seperti kata ito-san yang menyuruh pelajar petronas study untuk straight A's - study kena 120%!)
Kenapa la lagi tak semangat kalau ito-san yang suruh.. >_<"
Ya Allah. Tolong---!! I love my studies. I love française.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Sumpah panas. Tak rasa nak keluar rumah lansung! Parah dah ni. Selama sebulan En.Kipas berusaha menyejukkan rumah, tapi nampaknya kali ini sungguh mustahil nak bergantung padanya lagi. Anginnya pun terasa panas bahang! Aircond sudah mula bekerja. Alamak, naiklah bill elektrik bulan ni. Oh tidak----! Banyak benda lain lagi yang nak pakai duit. >_<" Suhu di Gunma hari ini adalah terpanas di Jepun ; 39.4c ! Nadiah sudah 3 hari tak ke sekolah. Esok dia ada exam pukul 4 petang. Nasib baik. Kalau tak, dia akan berendam dalam peluh lagi. Setiap kali sebelum masuk kelas, dia akan ke tandas untuk mengeringkan baju. =( Setiap hari dia makan aiskrim vanilla. Setiap hari dia tak rasa nak balik rumah. [sebelum pasang aircond] Adakah Malaysia juga panas seperti ni? Can anyone tell me?? Sudah setahun dia tidak balik ke tanah air. Kalau di Malaysia, aircond hanya di dalam kereta. Tapi sekarang, sekolah aircond, train aircond, rumah pun aircond. Tu pun masih panas tak terkata sbb kena jalan kaki kat luar. Tiba-tiba, tepat jam satu pagi, hujan turun dengan SANGAT lebat for a mere 10 seconds. MasyaAllah. Bahang diluar, seperti hilang dibasuh hujan.
Cinta hujan pada tanah
lambat-lambat aku mendongak ke langit ah! awan hitam ini pasti membawa guruh petir bagaikan, melaungkan khabar gembira pada sang tanah yang gontang di bawah 'aku membawa hujan untukmu!' tanah pun tersenyum suka.. sementelahan guruh dan petir saling bersahutan hingga syaitan durjana mendecit ketakutan angin menderu giat membawa awan ke mari bersama libasan air hujan yang dingin terpercik ke sana sini saat itu aku bagaikan ternampak senyuman pada sang rumput bagaikan makin hijau warnanya aku seolah-olah melihat bunga di pasu rakus menyedut air hujan yang bertakung di dalamnya seolah-olah terdengar nafas lega sang bunga jalan yang sebelumnya kering dan panas kini lembab dibasahi air hujan terasa basah kembali... begitu juga cinta tarbiyah pada hati.. saat tanah hati begitu kontang, maka hujan tarbiyah perlu berganda-ganda agar basahnya hati itu hingga ke akar tanah akan sentiasa kering begitu juga hati kita, akan kering pada suatu masa hujan akan sentiasa turun begitu juga tarbiyah, sentiasa mencurah-curah ada tapi, tak semua tanah beroleh hujan tapi, kita boleh jadi hati yang mau pada tarbiyah bukan? maka, rebutlah tarbiyah untuk hati kamu!
Diambil dari sini. Suka benar si Nadiah membaca nukilan ini. ^-^" Panas ke, sejuk ke.. semuanya rahmat Allah.. adeh.. kene bertahan lebih kuat sikit. Nadiah baru sedar, ada orang 'cuba' menulis namanya diatas handphone pink samsungnya yang lama. (Dia bagi orang pinjam selama sebulan. Setelah 2 bulan, ni baru dapat balik) - permanent marker pulak tu. arigatou-- T-T"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes, it's here.

I was right. When I said that there were something wrong. It felt as if things are not meant to be for me. I can feel the fall when I'm actually flying up high. That's the person I am. Always ready for the worst case scenario. He actually did. He took 'em all. Another test specially made for me. Am I really better today than what I was last? Is my iman prepared enough to face another phase of trial? Only the heart can tell. and He holds the key to them heart. It took me an hour to answer a question. It took me a night long to finish a paper. And it feels like forever to be able to think right. I couldn't send in an assignment. There goes 2 credits. I couldn't send in 4 reports. There goes another 2 credits. I couldn't finish the final exam in an hour. Say bye-bye to 2 more credits. Yes, He holds the key of them heart. He always listen, and He always knows. I should start by saying hi. Start a conversation. It's a waste if I don't, because he's always here. by my side.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

He Gives It All

Dear god,

Why do I always get what I want? I am scared to death for this. Where did I go right? Or where did I go wrong?

You give me everything I want, and everything I need, and I do know that You too have all the power to take everything back from me. It's all yours to even begin with.

You test me with laughter and tears,
with gratitude and grief.

You test me with health and pains, with happiness and loneliness.

I am no superwoman in this battlefield.

I failed - and I got up to give it another try.
I lost - and I got up to give it another fight.

You are always here when I need You. But I am horrified to think of the times that I will abandon You because I know that You will always take me back.

I want to always remember You - Your peace. But I know that I need to always be sober from my old dreams and get back on my feet to face the fact.

The reality that-
I am scared.

What is this test? I cannot read You. I know nothing of the world, I know nothing of the life.

Yet, You give it all. All that I've ever want, all that I've ever need.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Road

This is my post no.300, since my dad made the blog for me in 2002. =) I made this about a month ago. I 'em family. I miss 'em friends.

Monday, July 12, 2010

When hope is always around.

This is a picture taken from my programming class's student portal. The first zero means completed. Well, I haven't completed any of them. To be specific, none of my report have been graded yet for the past semester. Awesome!  Second, is the number 5. I've sent ONLY 5 reports so far. No wonder he's not bothered to grade any of them because..... I have 53 more reports to go by the end of next week  My dear family and friends, this is only a 2 credit class. I have 11 class this semester all together, and I am looking forward for my French communication III exam at the end of the month. Alhamdulillah, I am still sane and believe that things will go perfectly well by the time I'm ready for home this summer holiday. I already bought the tickets for 100,000yen - from 3rd august until 21 sept and yes, they're very expensive. But Iman said it's a process of "penyucian harta". Uh-huh, a person that bought a cheaper ticket can say that (ToT)/~~~ Maybe it's true. I really AM not bothered about money for the past months even though I'm way passed bankruptcy. I buy things that I need, and go where I have to go, regardless of the balance I have in mizuho( the name of a bank in Tokyo). I just know that things will be alright. Money is everywhere. Boleh dicari. If Allah has decided that the money is mine, then it will be mine. This is my voice when I am happy. Today, I am very happy indeed. I have no idea why, but this is the day I start to memorize the Surah Al- Mulk. No doubt that it is quite long for an amateur like me to be able to do 'em, but I'm fairly positive about it. I found it easy if I'm in the process of memorizing the book of God, and then trying to understand and memorize things that I have to learn at school. (I mean, university--) Verily, it is Him who holds the key to our heart. He can make things the way He wants it to be, and yes.. we have to ask for it! Nothing is impossible with Allah. Impossible. I'm possible. Nadiah Azli

Sunday, June 13, 2010


ドキドキ皆様ー! こんにちは音譜 久しぶりに日本語で書きたくて、なんか懐かしいなぁ。。 晴れ4年間経っても、私の日本語がなかなか上達してなくて、悔しいの!しょぼん キラキラそれでは、今日のトピックに入りまーす虹 星昨日の夜、アメーバピグをやってみた。アップ チューリップ赤楽しかったよ~!マジでー!ドンッ カエルピグもカワイイしさ、たまらなーんビックリマークペンギン 他のピグもカワイくてヒヨコ けど、一つ気づいたのは、みんな寂しそうだった汗 なんかね、声をかけないと友達作れないのよーニコニコ実際にもそうじゃないのか? 桜世界にはいっぱい人がいるよ--日本だって、小ちゃいの。。 ピグを作っても、一人で遊ぶなんて。。かわいそうガーン一人で生きて行けないよ~ピグも同じだ。 女の子男の子いっぱい友達を作ってみな合格 私もね、ちゃんと理由があるからやってみたのニコニコただ遊ぶだけじゃないよー 今日、"世界の一幸せな女性になれる!"という本を読んでいた。本ヒマワリ 感動的だった! アッラーが私に数え切れない恵をくれて、本当に心いっぱい感謝してるわーービックリマークラブラブ ますますアッラーのことを好きになった恋の矢なんかね、会いたくて、会いたくて、会えるかな。。みたいな。 自分が本当に良い人生を歩んできて、感謝しないとね! だから、アッラーの言うことをちゃんと従うの。ヒジャッブも、お祈りも、説教も、勉強もアッラーのためだよコスモス アップ大好きドキドキてんとうむし 正直に言えば、幸せで~す!音譜 星またお月様 iPhoneからの投稿