Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Start small.

Back when I was in high school, I had these words written on the back of my room door. When I saw it again this morning, suddenly it hit me. 

I have left the room for nearly 5 years, but where am I now? Have I met with my destiny? How my habits and character have changed throughout the process? Am I better person than who I was 5 years ago?

If I am still having doubts answering those, I shall just.. 

start over.

Life is too short to spend on regretting things that doesn't happen to you. Why not do something about it, and do the changing now. 

Living on the sustenance that Allah gives us until the second we die, we are given the ALL the chance to make full use of it. LIVE your life.

Rezeki tak akan putus sampai saat kita dimasukkan ke liang lahad.

Why do I say this now?

 Because I just realized that life is ONLY worth living if we end it being a faithful practicing Muslim. Especially to our parents, we (as children) are worth raising if we turn up well enough to pray for our parents' well being even after they past away. 

However, life is ain't that simple. That's why we do the best that we can, because we should know that we are not judged by how things turned out to be; but how hard we fought for it & how honest we are to make them right. Every second is a chance for us to start again, and yes, we can start small.

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nadhirah said...

what a touching post! made me think back about myself too.
p.s: cute blog design btw :)

haniz said...

love your blog
salam singgah from hanizeyecandy