Monday, June 29, 2009

Skype with Lil Sisters

Picture taken from Skype online camera. - Japan. From ayah's camera - Malaysia. rindu-sangat-amat-bangat.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Seperti Membaca Peta Negeri Siam.

Sudah lambat lagi sesat. Oh apakah nasib badan..(+。+)

Setiap dua minit periksa telefon bimbit mencari jalan terpantas ke MeijiGakuin.

Nak buat macam mana ni, kalau dah sampai stesen pun, tak tau nak kemana dari mana. Dekat ke? Jauh ke? Nak jalan, atau naik bas saja? taktahuuu...!!

Menelaah peta lama-lama pun tidak ada gunanya. Tak membantu lansung. 無意味な地図!マジで.

Lagi 5 minit sebelum jam 9 pagi. Peperiksaan mula pukul 9.



Tengok duit dulu ada ke tidak. Tak pasal nanti kena buat baito ganti pakcik teksi pulak.

duit ada..ada...1sen, 2sen.. cukup.

"Ke Meiji Gakuin..ini petanya, tempat yang nak pergi ambil periksa. Saya dah lambat ni pakcik. Tengok-tengok la peta tu ye, tak reti pulak saya nak menerangkannye".

"Ini peta negeri mana ni dik?",suara pening pakcik teksi mula merisaukan si budak yang sudah lambat dan gemuruh sungguh nak pergi exam ni.

"Tak tau la saya pakcik. Itu slip peperiksaan tu. Misti betul punya," serabut saya menjawab.

"Ini macam peta Aomori-shi ni adik oi〜! Kat Aomori-ken sana nuuu..."

"Apekah---AOMORII?! sampai kiamat la tak faham-faham peta tu kalau saya tengok sendiri.(ToT)."

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Decisions, life is all about it.

In life, we learn to make decision. 自分のことは自分で決める。 No one can help you make up your mind; one thing for sure, you have to be responsible with whatever path that you have chosen. I am going back to Malaysia. Then, back to Japan, and back to Malaysia again to continue my holiday. I've bought the tickets already- that cost me extra 35,000yen. (I've spent nearly 100,000yen- RM3500+/- only on flight tickets) Why? Why did I [わざわざ-susah-susah] go back to Japan? If I bring back that 35,000yen to Malaysia, I can joli-katak cuz that is a lot of money. Sangat banyak. "Kau yang nak pergi, bukan aku. Decide on your own la." "Kalau aku jadi kau, takde pikir apa dah. Duk diam2 je kat rumah tu. Buat susah badan je." "It's your call. Make your own decision." "Where's your priority?" Despite all that, yet I bought the tickets. Which means I can't go to Australia, nor Jakarta this summer holiday. Plans gone. burn- just like that. Why? What makes me do what I did? It was never personal.(I hope it wasn't) I didn't do it because you tell me to. I didn't do it because of my promise to you. I didn't do it because I had to. I did it because I want to. Stop making me feel guilty. Stop making me feel as if my decision was a mistake- an error. No. I don't think so. I've made up my mind, and it's up to me. The least thing that you can do is just to appreciate me, provide me with your support- cuz its what I need the most. And God, please. Please give me the chance to see those smiles; making every second worthwhile. To make myself useful- whatever it takes. Please make things go smooth when the time comes. I beg you. We make the plans, yet realizing that You know better- You know it all. Decisions, life is all about it. Only to You, I put my hope in- regardless whether its right, or wrong.

Friday, June 05, 2009

When we entered someone else's class

I was free for the 2nd and 3rd period Friday, when Kouki approached me and asked if I want to join his English History class -the class was in Japanese. Jori came in later on, and we sat in the last row of the class. As soon as the lecture starts, all the other boys stop talking, and...... they went to sleep. Great-just great. I had no idea what the teacher was saying, since her japanese was so fast and I just can't hear her voice. No wonder they said that the class is so boring. I started doing my book-keeping, Jori with his drawing, and Koki did his homework. When the class is about to finish, the lecturer asked them to send in a short report. On-the-spot. ..and, they panicked. Koki : "Jori, what did she talk about?" Jori : "How, am I supposed to know. I don't even understand her Japanese. But I can draw you something". Koki: "You don't expect me to send in a drawing, do you??" "haha..." I have no idea what did Koki write for the report, but that is Jori's drawing for Koki, and I'm happy that I finished my book-keeping. -what a class.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I Don't Know Where To Start.

When I am being asked, "So, what is Islam?", more than twice a day, I feel like I need to have at least something written on my hand. Da'wah to non-muslims needs great strategy, or else I'll have nothing to tell. -At all (・_・;) Akhlak by it self is good enough you supposed? I don't think so. What ever that I say, how I say it, means a lot to them(the listener). While they wait anxiously for my explanation, I just pray to God to give me strength, so that any words that come out from my mouth have meanings- real meaning. (At that time, I really-really felt like I need Him soooo much しょぼん) Who is Allah? Who is Muhammad s.a.w? What is Al-Quran? What does the word Islam means? Why do you live on this earth? Why are you here? Why are you not a tree, neither you're a bird? ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌ -They'll go, "ううhuh?" for such questions. Too many.. yes, I know. I want to start with the amazing, beautiful piece of Al-Quran, but which one? I have completely no idea. But, I found these Arabic-English Al-Quran translation on the net, and they are for kids. Indeed, very easy to understand, fun and cute! Try listening to this. You can download them if you want to. ニコニコ
Listen "Quran 06 al falaq al nass"
Its the feeling where you want to share the things you know. Its the happiness of telling, yet deep in my heart, I know its something that I just have to do. Born to do- Da'wah. Which the word was so "err...what? えへへ…" to me before, has become a part of me; and it is me. Yet, so hard for me to get through. Please, teach me to teach others. Where should I start? I'm starting to feel the burden, yet so thankful that I've been given the chance; to tell, to explain.