Sunday, August 22, 2010

SP#2 They left.

Last summer, they went to Barcelona for 2 weeks. This year, my parents have planned to go for umrah about 10 days. Why? Because Nadiah is at home.  I feel like the biggest baby left back. All 4 girls sobbed like mad when mommy left for the immigration. Before I knew it, my list of things to do have been laundries, cooking, dishes and many many more, just like a full time mother (more like a widow since you have kids, but with no husband - said a friend). The groceries list is all about diapers, milk and food to cook for iftar. We don't really buy food from the bazaar Ramadan nowadays. But you don't expect me to make 2-3 different dishes! My mother is an exception. She's a superwoman. Sometimes she can make 5 dishes for dinner! Today's iftar was OK. Before I knew it, I miss my mother too much. I have so many things on my mind that I get unnecessary headache. When we got ready for tarawih tonight, only the last kids want to go. The rest? je ne sais pas. I have no idea where they went.
@Masjid Wilayah after tarawih. (sans bonda)
When I got home, more dishes coming, more laundry coming.. Allah knows what's best. He's the best planner. I hope the other sisters at KILAT, Masjid KLIA will be just fine. Allah-hafiz.

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