Sunday, January 21, 2007

Helping Hands

As you know, my grammar is all over the place. Im trying to polish my writing skill. But unfortunately, I have'nt been speaking english regularly nor read any real english book. So, the comment bar is there for a reason you know. English, facts.. Anything.. Opinion, views... I know this is my blog. As im writing to talk to myself. (and the world) Just lend me a thought. Thats it. Onegai.


It went sky high. Even though i've been controling it. like crazy.
Its getting expensive. even though ive been choosing for the cheapest price.(like crazy too.)
My phone bill.
My flight ticket.

Things keep on coming. It never stops.

My laptop's condition.
My studies, my results..

Smile. . finding the best solution.
To think rationally in my decision.
To know that its a test from Allah as im sailing my way.
Thru this journey burden with a mission.

As i know. In HIS verses saying "so.verily, with every difficulty, there is relief."

There's a brighter side to this.
I went places. Views i never thought I'll ever see.
To know a person to the extent that i can really have faith in.

Deciding greater steps in this life. Between which. and which.
Why. and more of why(s). Not forgetting, what? and a lot of what??

There's a price i must pay. For not knowing.
For not paying more attention.
But i keep on wondering if its ever going to end.
(Of course its not)

Im relying it all to The One.
Try . to push my self to the limit.
To know that Im really trying and not just complaining about life.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Nihongo! Nihongo!

  I tried doing my blog in japananese character. But it wont show up! I want to practice them at the same time im doing this.   Its been 2 weeks now since my last class. We're on a winter break. Yeah, i have to write a nikki (diary) to tell what i did for the holiday. It sux. As i forgot a lot of bunpo (grammar) already, and even kanji (chinese character). Wierdly, I kinda miss school. I hate growing fat in my room. I've been eating bars n bars of chocolate that i bought for a month supply. Its lonely and boring.   I've been to places, the island on the south.. the mount on the north. But I want to go places that i really can appeciate others more. Speaking, socializing, making friends.. I am. But in a very different way. I tend to be in the group and not saying a word. Scanning.. scanning.. and more scanning.. Im weird, arent I?  Anyway, I bought a jishio (electronic dictionary) already. It cost me ¥25,780yen to be exact together with the casing. Both are blacks. Hmm.. In times, there'll be cartoons and glitters on it. U'll see.. I'll make it as happy as it can be. Lol! 2moro.. School! Cant wait. Hope I can wake up a.s.a.p! Ah, btw.. Im getting a digital piano and a microvawe oven. And a television too. Hoho...

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Mizah called me using her Skype credit just now. I felt so relieved. Last night i called my mom at the public booth for about 3hours! That cost me about 60msia bux! Till 2a.m in tha morn.. it was quite scary with all the old drunk looking man in the streets, peeing everywhere they like.. Making noises.. Hmm.. look what those alcohol can to do human beings. There's an obvious reason why Allah S.A.W restricts us to have it. Im thankful. But in this so called developed world, they think its cool to have it. It what they call so-up-to-date. Its become part of their life. Whatever. We're getting worse than the Jahiliyyah in the past. Its very shameful that even muslims do even so. I went to Hachiouji today. There's this talk on one of Sayyid Qutb's book. I dont remember the tittle in arabic, nor i know it in english. (Should have more raisins and nuts nowadays...) I learned a lot. We only cover tha mukaddimah (introduction) and the first chapter. I wonder how much i will earned if i have the book! The kalimah 'La Illaha Illallah..' (I hope i spelled it right) have soo many impacts on the sahabat that it moves them so powerfully to work and discover on Allah's path. Aah... I hate this. I want to write more about the knowledge on Islam that I've learned. But I never learn Islam through English. Thus making it hard for me to translate the words. I've promised myself to have my blog in English since im doing quite horrible lately. I cant even say a full sentence of English. Its always a lil bit of Malay, Japanese.. and aaaaa...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Flipping Back To Move On.

When u wanna start to do your homework, or revise for any exams.. u always flipped back all your old notes, test papers and such in order to excell in the coming one rite? Thats what Im doing now. Its the year 2007. But, Im flipping back my life history to move forward. In things such as music, books, friends and even food. With a little bit of change and twist, to add up some new feeling and new life in it. Im going back to trance music.
  • Boten Anna by Basshunter. A Sweedish trance music recomended by Nishreen. Thanks babe!
  • J'ai Pas Vingt Ans by Alizee (Benny Remix). French sang trance. a mesmerizing nice music. Thanx to the french PET. =P

I've downloaded the mp3 version of all the 6 books of Harry Potter. It was too heavy for me to bring it here. And its way too expensive to get one. I decidede to have em dloaded in audio. I wonder. Will affects me in terms of feeling the book? learning more new english words? It does make a lot of difference right? All of the audio... hmm.. abt 3gig. LoL.. I'll be crashing my laptop sooner or later..