Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Different Holiday.


What does a two-weeks school holiday means to a still-single-25-year-old career woman living with a bunch of school teachers?

and more work at the office.


Because most of everyone else will take leave to spend time with their kids jalan-jalan makan angin.

Though 3 of my little sisters were here last week, and I had to be a single-mother, junggling kids and work, it was one *hell of an interesting experience.

I became super efficient doing my work knowing I have to leave for lunch early to get food for the kids and get home at least before 5:30pm to bring them to the beach (though I managed to get off only at about 6pm). I managed to clear more than 10 pending jobs in a couple of days (a record breaking for Nadiah! haha)

I look forward to going home for the first time in months.

I cook more dishes I never knew I could.

I eat a complete meal, 3 times a day.

I was constantly doing the laundry, day-and-night since someone peed in bed.

I was physically tired, but they kept me going.

It was fun, going to the beach and play with the sands.

I guessed.. having kids isn't that bad after all.

Few days passed by,

I realized I couldn't take it anymore. I needed support. mental support. It was really hard to get by another day being a single mother. It striked me. How's my mother doing with all these kids at home.

I needed someone to tell me that things will be alright (almost had a breakdown).

I knew where I had to go.


So, that's my school holiday experience. Now that no one's at home (in Kerteh), I'd rather stay in the office till late, 10 than stay at home on my own. -_-"