Monday, December 31, 2012

Next Stage ; Kerteh


As of 16th December 2012, I'm a permanent employer of Petronas's SMSO (Shared Materials and Services Organisation) in Kerteh, Terengganu. 

(If you're going to read this post because you google-ed "SMSO / Petronas / Kerteh" you'd be disapointed because I didn't blog about what on earth is this SMSO company all about. I will soon insyaAllah, and you can click here. You can find me via @nadiah at twitter if you have any questions on moving here, or to know more about the office. No, I didn't post a photo of my calculator for godsake!). 

It has been nearly 2 weeks since then, but I've been wanting to share this new phrase of life with everyone ever since the first day I got my feet in this part of the country. I might have to be here for at least 3 years, and at the speed of things now, they're looking pretty okay. 

It was HARD for me to get proper internet connection here. It's either the house that you rent already has Streamyx, or go somewhere with free internet. Believe me, I tried. For 2 weeks, looking around for internet, I finally succumbed to the oh-we-have-to-boycott-this-fast-food-chain-they're-killing-our-brothers-and-sisters's you know where.

Tell me not to live without internet, and yes, it might be my greatest jihad of the year. 

I'm a 'foreign land' which I have no idea where I'm at most of the time, nor what's going on inside the office, and yes, I need my GOOGLE.

Anyways, being on my first job experience, no I have not received any tasks yet since I haven't gone for my PIPE induction course. So, I was really excited to get PETRONAS's 2013's leather organizer, and calendar, my own staff card, my own car sticker, my own email and phone number. Yes, I just HAD TO post them on instagram. (You can follow me 'NADIAHAZLI')

How's Terengganu so far?

During my first weekend here, we had to go for a team building session in Bukit Gambang Resort. Alhamdulillah, we got to bond with other SMSO's staff from Kerteh and Melaka. They were really lovely. I am truly blessed with their love and kind treatment.

We went through numbers of challenges, and winning was not our first priority. Just get everyone through.

Yet, CAP AYAM won first place.

What makes it bearable though I didn't know anyone here (unlike UTPians where everyone knows someone and pretty much everyone)?

My new friends.

Alhamdulillah. I met people who can accept me, regardless of my history, and how annoying I can be.

I will miss you guys so much ; leaving for PIPE for 2 weeks. =,( and you guys leaving for another 2 weeks after that. A TOTAL OF 4 WEEKS!

I've found a great teacher too. I treasure your work experience. Your life experience, and all the advices that I know I will remember for the rest of my life. I will keep on nagging you, and you know that. xD

I thank Allah, for you. 

I might not be good at it, I'm learning for perfection, and I see the positive fun in it. Work life balance. ;)

Where do I stay?

You can say that I'm lucky. I've been wanting to stay in a RI for the past years since I joined the tarbiyyah force.  During lunch in Mesra Mall, I bumped into someone I used to know back in INTEC (she was preparing for Korean), and she told me that there's one more spot at the nearest RI in that area. It was less than 10 minutes from ECRO (East Coast Regional Office).

As expected, I met lovely sisters that works at the Al-Amin School nearby and one of them works at the nearby IKRAM's kindergarten.

We had a simple road trip to Kuala Terengganu last weekend, and yay! we found super duper awesome keropok lekor rebus. It was REALLY REALLY good. REALLY. The orange colored stall was near Pantai Kelulut, and people basically stop there for their keropok lekor. I don't remember how many batang they had in it, but it was quite a lot for RM5. A good bargain indeed. Gave some to the neighbors as well. =)


The trip was to visit these two lovebirds! Farah & Farid! They've been together for as long as I know, and they went through years of wanting to get married! Bless u guys! Barakallahumfik!

There you go. The first 2 weeks of my life in Kerteh.

Was that a long one? I haven't been posting since October! I miss you too...!! xD
I will be in KL for 2 weeks, so I just want to savor this feeling of excitement that I've been keeping since I got here.

I miss home.

Ofcourse I do.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Birthday Gratitute.


Last year's birthday cake from my best friend, Katsumura Tomoki. I reads "Naria" on the cake. LOL

As of 2nd of October, I've finally turned 24; an age that I dreamed of so much miracle.InsyaAllah. I shall not loose hope.

Though there were only a handful of people who wished me for my birthday, (10 to be exact), I always think that birthday is meant for someone who actually gave birth to you on that day years ago.  (I guess I should get a cake for my mom this year, since I didn't get any ^^")

I only give birthday wishes when I feel like I should, as I am really annoyed with people giving a two-letter wish ;"H.B" on my facebook wall. You really don't have to do it if you're really that lazy. Everyone is getting older, and I bet they'll get sick of hearing the same thing over and over again on that same date every year.

We used to celebrate birthdays so much when we were back in Japan. Now that everyone is basically everywhere, I'm really thankful for such a wonderful time we had, even though it was really simple.

Truly, it's the thought that counts.  


As I'm going down this lane of being an adult, I've learned that live is not about me. It's about how much you can please the Creator and give a piece of your love to everyone is around you, because love is everywhere. It is meant to be look for and cherished, not to wait for it to come down kneeling in front of you because that would never happen. It will go away, trust me.

 I've got so much to learn, and thhe more I figure out things, the more I realize I do not know that much. Older, meaning that one has to be wiser. (At least one SHOULD be)

& to the most awesome super woman called, mother..

      Mommy, I love you to bits and pieces, and I'm thankful to my bones of what you've sacrificed for me over the long, 24-years-period. I've been a pain in the a** for a while now, and your patience is really too incredible for me to realize. I know you're really worried about my life, especially knowing that I'm not married with a child yet at this age. I can only pray that things will get better, and find you the perfect son-in-law that you've been wanting. ^^*

Thank You so much for giving birth to me 24 years ago. I will be the best of what you want me to be and be your bridge to Jannah, InsyaAllah.

Happy Birthday to me. 


Monday, October 01, 2012

[PHOTO-LOG] The wonders of Pasar Malam !

Pasar Malam Senawang in Seremban.

Everything a pasar malam (night market) should have, and it has always been like that for the past.. maybe 15 years?

So many different types of FOOD!

Fruits. Fresh Veggies. Fisheries.

Meats; Chicken. Duck. Beef. etc

Toys. Slippers. Kitchen et toilet utensils.

Clothes...( and ballons!)

and... Jamu.^^

All in one night, one field area, and it's only once a week.

I was super excited, and starting taking pictures of what I can snap without being too obvious.

Suddenly this lady customer asked me, "Adik ni belajar lagi ke?" (Are you still studying?) and I told her that I just recently completed my studies and she replied, "Habis tu nak ambil gambar ni buat apa?" (Then why are you taking pictures?) with an annoyed face.


No. me no take pictures of ze customers. That's an invasion of privacy.

There was this uncle at the stall who said, "Ambik la gambar pakcik masuk pesbuk!" ^^ so cute!

Anyway, enjoy!

#bukan senang nak menebalkan muka nak mengambil gambar public activities. Ini baru ambil gambar dengan iphone. Kalau bawak DSLR sejibik, entah riuh satu pasar malam.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Nadiah's favourite flower saying final goodbye.

一瞬美しくなっても 、老化するのは当然だ。

離れていても、帰ってこなくても、everything will be alright.
もう泣かないから、 괜찮아요(ケンチャナヨ)

世界の果てまで 、「いいよ」と君に言い続ける。


Monday, September 24, 2012

[PHOTO-LOG] Little Us

To keep things posted even when I'm super tired or busy, I'm just gonna post random photos in my phone and talk about them.


Me and Mommy. She said that my dad bought her the dress. Which is one in few. I think it's really pretty. I love this picture.

Me holding Fikah (cousin), Alham (cousin) and Naim.

Naim and baby Nadzmi. They were so cute!
Nadzmi embracing baby Nadzrin.

I took these photos when I was cleaning the boxes from our old house that was infested by 'anai-anai'. Many of the pictures were destroyed.

They never made it online. ^^

This is like, debut photos of me and my brothers when we were small. Where are these cute kids now? I miss them so much.

Jungle Roadtrip with ayah's Pajero.
We traveled so much. We went to Singapore a couple of times, and I love it when we'd go into the jungle for camping! My dad was in this 4x4 thing with his Pajero and we'll go deep into the jungle and cross the rivers, and yes, we got to see wild animals!

In Singapore. Naim at the back, while ayah is holding baby Nadzmi. I remember that dress so much. I look like Nazneen!

Nadzmi loves the little Nadzrin so much.It feels really weird that I don't remember seeing these two kid talking to each other nicely when they were growing up.

Our twin brothers, Nassry (2nd) and Nadzry (1st).

Baby Nasuha (last boy) and me being the eldest with six little brothers.

Back Then

Life was so much simple. Everything was enough. It was never about the material stuff. I don't remember asking my parents about what I want, because I always had this idea in my head that, "No, we can't afford that," I don't feel bad about things. I always make-do with what I have.

Having a barbie-doll is even a great luxury. No, I never had one. I played with them at my cousin's place, or back in Kedah at my grandparents' when we go back for Raya. Most of the toys were bought by my auntie.

Even Dutch Lady's Strawberry Milk was something that I really-really crave for and I never really asked my mom to get me one. Now my mom bought 6-pack of them, and they're always inside the fridge (no, I don't drink them since they're not for me ^^). I'm not the type of kid that will cry at the store and scream on the floor for not getting what I want. My sisters are.

Maybe that's a bad way on how to educate your kids by telling them that, "You can't always get what you want," which is putting a strain of their dreams and capability.

Maybe, "The world is in your hand, you can have everything you want if you work for it, nothing is impossible," is a way better saying that one should tell their kids.

I'm not a parent, just a big sister to 6 boys and 3 girls.

I miss having us not growing up. I miss playing together and go on trips.

We were so dear to each other. When we were little, we spend so much time together that it's so hard for me to swallow that we're really drifting apart nowadays.

I should cherish the time. I still have 3 beautiful little girls with me now.

Me holding Nafeesa, with Nazneen and Nafhani.