Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CX4 it is.

Canon PowerShot S95

We've been eyeing this canon for quite a while now. We love the size, the design, and the best of all- the new creative setting they have inside! plus, 720p HD video recording- how cool is that!.
..and so, we went to Yodobashi to play with it. Yes, we love it! It cost about 39,000yen there, but you can get this S95 for 33,000yen from

As Yodobashi plays their 'bye-bye-get-out-now-cuz-we're-closing' music, we took a glimpse of Ricoh's new camera. Mukai-kun is the face of their product; which is like, what? Mukai-kun and camera doesn't make a nice fit, uh. >_<"

But we know that the Yodobashi sales person wont make us leave just yet. He keeps on showing us how great the new camera is. Amazingly, CX4 posses quite a lot of S95's amazing features and it only cost about 34,000yen in yodobashi with 18% points (we can use about 6,000yen worth of points), and in, from around 26,000yen. The guy said that he'll give both of us a 4GB SDHC card each, ONLY if BOTH of us buy the camera. Not only that, we'll get free camera straps that cost nearly 3,000yen each.

Yikes. Why do we have to end up making decision like this..?

We kept on asking, why this and why that. How different is this one compared to our beloved S95?
and yeah, it's way cheaper though.. and he told us, "We're using Mukai-kun. Which is cheaper, rather than having Kimutaku - which is what YOU will have to pay for a Nikon". -haha. that is very true indeed. ^^"

Yes, yes.. amazingly both us bought the same camera. CX4. This is not the first time that we did that. My first camera, IXY 910 IS (which I have proudly used for the past years till now), is still very much alive with a round black patch on its screen. >_<*

How is CX4 so far? - Great! 

This piece used a feature called 'toy camera'. 

this one.. i don't remember. - -"

this one.. miniature feature. ^^

The rest of the pictures can be seen here.

From countless of Canon camera, we moved-on to Nikon, and we've heard a lot about SONY, Panasonic, Olympus, Casio.. you name it, but never Ricoh. 

I'm giving this brand a try. Starting from the packaging box, we know that this one will be way different from all the rest. 

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