Friday, July 25, 2008

Sushi Craze.

If I'm not mistaken, I went to eat sushi with Iman and Ryotsuke last month.
Then, with Iman and Akane last week.
And again last night, with Iman, Ryoutsuke, Shike and Akane.

Haish, is this a good thing or not?

Well, when I first started eating sushi here, it will always be around 10 plates or more. >_<'' (tapi tak selalu sangat la.. setahun pun berapa kali jer..)
I don't know, nowadays, even with 4 plates, I was at my limit.(限界) Maybe because last time I had sushi, it was the INCREDIBLY-WIERD-HORRIBLE taste of sea urchin. Or could be the Nato that I had with Akane. Yikes*!

Sea Urchin @ Genki Sushi.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cerita Tandas?

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First Paper. Japs.

I'm supposed to read 5 short novels for the Japanese language paper. They're not easy at all. (Honestly! kanji, katakana, and hiragana still look like worms to me @_@) I'm used to 7 English class per week. So, my formal japanase seems to be running down the drain. I've started reading at about 4pm. When the library closes at 8pm, I went to Jonathan's Family Restaurant for dinner,(that cost me 1500yen just for a rice meal!)... and continue my reading. The place was crowded and noisy. Still, I can read them, and surprisingly, understand (most) of the things that Ive read. (I wonder why I was sooo sleepy back in the class, and it was damn hard to comprehend the countless reading that I did) ~Around 2am, I was still reading at Jon's (its 24hours), but with a lot more to go, I took a break by memorising the reading of the kanji. again, worms.(more of sticks and strokes) 津々浦々。and 鹿鳴館。and 四方八方。and 不如意。and other few hundreds of them.. first, memorise the figure. then the reading. then the meaning. つつうらうら。tsu-tsu-ura-ura (the first set) was the hardest for me to memorise, cuz I'm not familiar with the word at all. I was at my limit, and I still have to get back home and finish another report to be sent after the exam.( time ,almost 3am) (Last minute work, crazy! PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! I'M WARNING YOU! ) I thought of staying up for my report,(not sleeping) and sit for the paper at 11am. But I lost at the battle field.(Went to bed at 6am instead). Examination~ 津々浦々came out in the paper. What was the reading?? I saw つつ(tsutsu) in my head. Only these 2 weird looking worms. the rest? what was it?! I had to guess. was it tsutsu-ratsu-ratsu? rutsa-rutsa? sora-sora? suro-suro?... it was chaos in my head. About 20 more other kanji reading that I would most probably have never seen in my entire life to be guessing its reading, yet I'm stuck with this kanji that Ive been trying to memorise all night long. What a waste of time. It was tsutsu-URA-URA right? Yet, my amazingly brilliant genius intelligent answer was, tsutsu-RATSU-RATSURA. What was that?? To Mr. or Ms. 津々浦々、 I WILL remember your reading for the rest of my life. #I have to stop crapping. Get back on tracks and move.MOVE! I guess, my train had slipped off somewhere in the journey. ((yikes!)) To all of my friends, good luck with your exam. Think of happy thoughts! ^-^ I know I'm going home in about 2weeks. See ya~~!頑張るしかないよね。。。