Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Suara Takbir

Im listening to P.Ramlee now.. Suara Takbir.. Just finished my class on the 2nd day of raya. Hmm, somehow.. ofcourse it doesnt feel like raya at all. The past days was quite hectic. I havnt been writing for a long time. The raya eve, we went to Jonathan's to bukak puasa. I ate salmon kicap for god sake! that cost me me bout 60bux! (I cant stop comparing the prices yet with RM cuz everything is just pure expensive!) We do imagine things, especially when its raya eve. Usually, Im gonna have a last minute shopping with my mom back in M'sia. But that night, our petronas family wasnt a complete one. When a person decided not to be together and happy on raya eve, it affected everybody else. The rainy night seemed so dull. As we went back, trying very hard to be happy, my mind was all the way in Darfur, Palestine and so on.. I should be very thankful that I still have the 'petronas family' with me even if its isnt what most called perfet. And I am. I love the 'miss Iman' cooking spirit. (Heh, I guess food do bring us together.) The always happy Naza n Kak Nor that cheer things up. Rikku, the utmost positive and friendly.. Tan, the talking virus.. Husna, the most calmed but at the same time thinks too much. Kak Ina, who plays an important role of a 'big sister'. Hmm, whatta bout Ehsan? I thinks he's cool. Yeah, he's the 'cool' type of guy. Not much of nonsence n kanky-ness. =P Oh yah.. the last name to be mentioned.. Awadh san.. I dont know what had gotten into him. We havnt talk much since we went here. But nowadays its worser than ever. We fight with no reasons. Everything i said seemd to be very wrong. Look, who would want to spend the raya eve alone, in a room, doing homework, cook, eat alone n just be sad. What an idiot! I know we're not in Msia anymore but raya is still raya.. Doink! Everybody else have class on Eid Day. And we cooked together that night. We still did. Without him. Even Tan stayed in ABK the eve night. We cooked rendang ayam n daging. Ketam masak cili api. n some bunch of fried chicken! Kak Nor brought her laptop to the kitchen n we sang all the raya songs 2gether. =) From there on, I really felt the spirit of raya.. Its quite sad that all the foods are super hot! PEDAS!! I ate only chickens n serunding. I wish I learned more how to cook all the masakan traditonal. Arghhh!!! Its because Im a Malay! In anyway, Im gonna miss the ketupat, rendang, serunding.. the kuih2 raya.. Dont tell me that even ur in KUtub Utara u dont miss all that. I miss kampung. I miss Tok Midah in Kulim. I miss the soto lembu on the Eid morning in Batu Pahat. I miss the crazyness of my brothers. My family. After the Eid prayer, we'll take family pictures at the Kedai Gambar lama.. and the chinese lady akan marah2 suruh duduk diam2.. Go beraya kat rumah sape2 yg ada kat rumah. ='( At night, tgk movie2 raya.. and most of all............ BUNGA API!!! I sempat call Tok Midah before i went to class. My mom in Johor, my dad, atok.. My brothers yg sibuk sungguh nk NintendoDS. The night before i called Effie n Darem.. I tried to call my girlfriends but then xdapat.. Uhhhhhh!! Baru just now i called Fanna but she's goin beraya-in! We went to chiba last night. I dont wanna spend my first day of raya watchin crappin japanese tv. It cost me 1200yen. 36hinggit oi! jalan kaki, naik train, naik bas.. hue! dapat makan lemang tiruan yg dmasak dlm bekas plastik! rasa sungguh sedap! cam lemang! hehehe.. nama pun lemang.. Aaaaa...this year gambar raya cam crap ah! X amik pun actually, pgi Chiba pun 6 ppl. 3 senpai, n 3 of us. Still. Im happy n thankful. Selamat Hari Raya people...!! Maaf Zahir Batin. Anymistakes i did, I mintak maaf banyak2. Any terkasar bahasa. Any talkin behind-back crap. Im super sorry. Hari raya resolution to lessen that. I miss everybody now. Even people I never thought I'll miss. Harap dmaafkan. ???????Onegaishimasu. Assalamualaikum.

Friday, October 13, 2006

To my friends

Daia, sorry x mention ur name, tikah, sorry x post gambar.. i had some technical problems to do so before. =D anyway, kelas baru habis. later im going to ikebukuro with kak ina for shopping. there's branded stuff selling cheap. dont tell me what i should not buy. kaimonoshimas makes me happy. I wanna be happy. Kat sini cam chotto sabishii. I dont wanna wear the same thing over and over again. I feel dull and boring. Which makes me feel sad. Which is not good. n im hating it. now im crapping. Crapping is a very good rensyu so that i dont forget my english. nihongo is so powerful here that it could kill my english. =P my dad gave me 100minutes of talk time to call people. but unfortunately, i dont even remember a number. I mean, my friends's number. Daym.. Were still waiting for our alien card to siap. Later then, baru boleh buat bank account. Then.... baru la boleh beli phone.. susah sungguh. They bought electric dictionary and mp3 while i didnt. Its not that im saving, ( which i never was..) but i prefer to survey around, to find the best there is, the application, bla bla bla.. and, the look. I want happy coloured things! .. ah. kawai-so. pathetic me of wanting to be happy. Sza's comin! yay! can lepak with her here.. ngee.. cant wait. there's lots of stuff nk pesan kat die. again, sangat happy... ngee.. =D its 3:50pm now. iftar (berbuka) is at 5:10 maybe. gonna go to Masjid Otsuka afterwards.. that'll be after i pgi ikebukuro la kan.. Oh yah, i made friend with this Bali girl. namanya Minami. ueh, practice indon juge dech aQ dsini.. harap nihongna bsa boleh jyozu juga gtu.. aduih, bsa gtg. ja ne. salams to all.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Uh... While things are getting windy.

Days, I dont know if its getting better. I hate to write. Just bcoz this pasokon is in japanese and i couldn understand a thing. Everything doesnst make sense. The more i write, the crazier I've become. The relationship is getting smoother with better understanding of each other. I've forgotten the past easily. Mind what i've said before. I do mean it at then. but now, yeah, i can say that i actually didnt know any better. But at times, when I wanna be alone, I want to accompany by someone I could really talk to. Someone who'se not in my everylife but knows everything about it. Sounds complicated right? Shits happens. Ouh yah, Kak Ina bought me this Tart Berry yg i'll heart her ever for it. Yay! Bday cake atlast! And ouh ya.. Iman n Kak Nor belanja us at Saezariya. Hope i spelled it right. x) Ehsan belanja at this japanese restaurant, which i had no idea what i had there. Cuz its sooo la not what i had in mind of japanese food.. =/ Hmm, think twice, senpaitachi ni mcm sngat best.. I wonder if they're not here before us. Or they're not the person that they are. Things could get worser. Not that im saying now is worse. Getting really well along could take sometime. Maybe, its not-that-so noticeable of me.. But, I can feel that they must be wondering. Or, not at all.. I dont know, I could be very good at reading people, or just pure suck. =P Hmm.. I cud say that I'm quite worried about a friend of ours. We havnt been talking a lot like we used to. I know he have everything to say. To talk to. But, he's not talking to me. I guess.. hmm.. had so no idea what to guess anymore. Quite tired of doing so.. Im trying to go as smooth as possible. Be happy. Mindin business. And where i want this to bring me to. Ouh, yah.. I've decided to strive for ToDai. It aint possible. Its Tokyo Daigaku( University) btw. One of the best as the senpaitachi said. Gambatte. Ngee.. I'll write more as long as this pasokon doesnt mess with me.


Susah gile la nk add post kat sini... rasa cam nk pindah blog je.. xpe2, ade bnyak tempat lagi boleh tulis.. ngeh2.. kat multiply ada jugak. but then kne la jadi member yer.. okies, ja ne! Ah, my address. hantar la kad raye yer... 309 ABK Yamabuki Ryo, 58-10 ARAKAWA-2 ARAKAWA-KU, TOKYO 116-0002 JAPAN

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Last night wus my birthday. First time here. In Japan. I had a lot to say. A lot to tell. I need someone to talk to..And i did write 'em in here. Too bad, this laptop that i used, it aint in English. Ended up clicking some crap, n BYE.. Smua hilang. Everything's gone. I miss the chocolate indulgence. I miss the shepard(i spelled it ryte? did'nt i?) pie. I miss Secret Recipe. But most of all, I miss my Family n friends. Having a cake on your birthday is somehow essentials. The senpai brought me to this Pakistan restaurant.?I hate the 'so-called-celebrating' my birthday n being nice to me crap. Or shall I say hipocrite! When we got there, i was placed at the very far end of the group at ANOTHER SINGLE TABLE!! In a very small corner in that SUPER small restaurant! DONT F*KIN TELL ME U GUYS ARE F*KIN CELEBRATIN MY BIRTHDAY! (very sorry for the words yg x sedap tuk dibaca.. ) Hmm.. I can say that they barely talking to me. OPs, sorry, they didnt. They were laughing. Having a good time. Flirting. Match-making. Without me innit. I guess when im feeling messed up, I assumed too much. Negative thinking.. bla2bla.. But u cant blame everything on me. I do care. I do want to be in the group. Too bad then, I wus shutted out. They gave stuff to her. Not us. They help her. Not us. ( Us here is me n her). She was given a phone. Which she doesnt know on how to use 'em. We need passport pictures, they made it for her. They never told me. Im swimming on my own. Let me breathe. If u dont wanna touch me, dont drown me. Lastly I was blamed, for being too cared bout others. I guess I should stop doing that for now. Mindind my own business. Being really independent. I was. Ouh, sorry for blabbing bout how i feel. Im doin OKay here.. Its not that cold. But if its raining.. i felt like freezing to death! Till now, still having cold. My flu somehow x kurang2 lagi. Yesterday I had the placement test. Interview, to ask how far have we studied, 4 paper shiken, kiku shiken (hearing) n another interview to know what's the best class to put us in. I've finishd book one back in Msia. But my result for the shiken is quite low n scary. Maybe they'll put me in class 2. Which will cause me to gambatte more, cuz my basic is not so strong. I dont know, my collegeus, they seem to know more, but they're not helping me. Its not that we have to compete for anything.. Why not just help each other out. Okay,?yes... I am asking for help. I do need one and Im not ashamed to ask for one. But again, sorry for asking too much, cuz they're not giving a hand. My dorm (Yamabuki Dorm) from the class is a about 45 mins of walking and train ride. They have different lines, so have to change train bout 2/3 times. They train systems here are crazy! We got lost tons of times.. But somehow, the ticket cam understand the 'lostness' =P and make us find the way back. Imagine, in a month we have to spend bout RM500 for train ride only. The cheapest is about 130 yen. To them its like RM1 but to us, 3bux per station! So, comeback to my tranportation thigy, from the nearest station, JR Komagome, we have to walk about 20 mins to class... * Everyday like this, Im stick when i come back! Eish, I have more stuff to write, but now have to go to the registration place to make our Alien Card. Taula gaijin.. takyah ah panggil alien.. SUngguh kejam mereka2 ini.. ja Ne! Salam to All.. =)