Tuesday, September 26, 2006


kamu... kemana sih kamu menghilang.. aku udah mau pergi ini.. tapi masih ngak kelihatan kamu itu.. =( ari ni, ke shah alam bsama irene n xaty. irene bsa mbli bracelet yg sungguh kawaii utkku. xaty bbuka bsama2. yay! xaty belanja. *ngee.. x malu.. -_-' gonna mish xaty a lot! uwahh!! lupa get pics with her.. !! pgi ke intec, btemu housemates. pasar malam, nggak ada apa2. malam, daffi, oZe, hafiz & jams bsa singgah ke rumahku. ehe.. semangat segambut kunun.. ada2 aja kamu2 ini.. =) what kind of life im living? im counting days now. still im waiting. for a friend. that never showd up. i calld. i did. ... the line never went thru. are you okay? i so had no idea what had happen to you.. 3 more days. and i wont be here anymore. wont be seeing nor hangin out with you anymore.. i dont know if you knew. but i've start to miss you already. im goin this friday mornin. still, i dont know if you knew..

Monday, September 25, 2006

Doa Selamat 23rd.9.06

hmm.. my doa selamat. who came? the Koreans, my roommates <3,>BEST FRIENDS<3! my english teacher, my primary school's ustazah and my pevious headmistress. =P and lots and lots of ppl.. my aunts, uncles.. da da da ... mizah sayang make me a *super sedap cheese cake with ichigo on top!*

uahhh.. bessht! she gave some to her bf la kan.. ngeh2.. mizah gave me sum early bday presents jugak! waa.... kamu ini..

my birthday is on 2nd of Oct. 3 days afta i left. Its kinda sad though. Im gonna miss Farhana a lot. Her ever so funny words. She's sumthing special. Mizah, Sza, and Alia too.. the crazyness of window shopping with all not forgetting Irene..

* I'll write a special blog regarding that.

Semua org pun datang pakai baju kurung.. ah sungguh kawaii.. macam raya pulak.. Mirah, Mira Jams, Ema & Alia pun ada... =) Sungguh besht.

Ah.. my roommates! Cik Bedah, Cik Timah and Cik Minah! Diorang pun datang! I heart them so much. 3 months je kenal pun dh cam bessht sesangat. Ahaha.. x sangka at last c them in their true colours. ahha.. sangat la keayuan.. malu2.. ngeh3.. Syifaa' sungguh kawaii pakai skirt, =D

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ah! Zannenda..

This mornin, i went to ESU, KLCC. Dammit! Our flight d'cepatkan by one day. Supposedly, Saturday 30th, night's flight. But now, 29th SEPTEMBER 2006 11:00AM MH 70 KLIA - NARITA We meet one of tha senpai..citer2, bla2 bla.. later then, i terlupa ambil resit visa. i asked my driver to hantar. mmg i think my collegues jenis yg pentingkan diri sendiri. they hav'nt pick that visa thingy up too. why not go together as well?? ni tak. tht b* nk pgi dgn family sendiri. this s* nk pgi naik cab. x sama je ke?? i ended up cari cab cam nk gile! SORANG! x sangka. cab drivers around KLCC cm shial! diorang ambil foreigners dake! then when i got one, nk pgi japanese embassy 8 bux! hm. i admit yg i nih jenis gelabah skit. but today, its more to sad + calm+ alone..., thinking bout these peeps that i'll be goin to japan with. i cant rely on them much. About maghrib, darem called me. ( Actually, i called him back.. =/) hmm.. he cried. regrettin the past. promising me. a chance for a time well spend. 5 years and a half. i'll miss a lot of changes. i'll remember the agreement made. 2moro, my doa selamat. I think i've invited all, but then ramai pun cant make it. Its OK.. No biggie.. I dont know who'll be sending me at the airport. At first ramai jugak my friends nk hantar. but now.. hmmm...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Aftermath

We had our closing ceremony tadi. Kt ConcordeS.A. Hmm.. some how cam taklalu nk makan all the tempura. Mmg bad timing sangat. Onakaga ittaidesu. Dapat the final result lagi btambah sakit perut. We gave the sensei frame n we got a very nice lookin small mug. Afta that i followed Awadh back to INTEC. Mmg that wud be tha last time i pgi sana buat masa ni. Bila masa nk pgi lagi, taktau la.. Sempat jumpa Syifa' bagi my nimotsu to them. Sian Tikah n Zati.. Im gonna miss 'em soo much. Hmmm.. I went thru a lot masa tumpang awadh balik to Kl. Singgah kt his old skool, dia nk jumpa friends n teachers. I've waited in the car ntah berapa lama ntah. More than an hour ofcourse.. My stomach almost killed me. Ouh ya, dia pgi jumpa ex dia skali. Can't believe she salam me cium tangan skali! Waah.. anak dara baik. Sopan santun.Sweet n chomel la.. Guess that's the type of girl that he's looking for. Mmg on the way back tu we're in high tension skit. Ntahla,dia skit2 nk buat org marah.Mmg sungguh menyakitkan hati. Suruh pgi smayang, ckp im wasting his time pulak. But, he did sent me all the way home. I taktau nk ckp sorry mcm mana lagi when i "think" i gave him the wrong direction for him to go back home. He called la. Telling me that he got the wrong highway. marah2, n trus hang up.. =| # Ayat dia yg paling tajam skali "Tak sanggup nk tgk muka u tiap2 hari". When i told him that my old house dekat sgt dgn an apartment that his mom bought. Dia x sedar ke nanti kt nihon I pun kne tgk muka dia setiap hari?! BAkoya!
My Heart Irwansyah and Acha - My Heart Di sini kau dan aku Terbiasa bersama Menjalani kasih sayang bahagia ku denganmu Pernahkah kau menguntai hari paling indah ku ukir nama kita berdua disini di surga kita Bilakah kita mencintai yang lain Mungkinkah hati ini akan tegar Sebisa mungkin tak akan pernah sayangku akan hilang if you love somebody could we be this strong I will fight to win Our love will conquer all Wouldn't reach my love even just one night Our love will stay in My heart, My heart How can you expect me to be more boyish when i wus really sensitive? You called me names. How do you supposed I should react to that? when i'm super urusai, u told me to just shut up. what isit that u want from me? Im very sorry that i've caused you some trouble, I never meant that at all. I never did think twice to say sorry. Your words do hurt me. A lot. Im wasting your time. X terfikir ke i tunggu u berjam2. U were the one yg xnak tengok muka i lagi. Hmm.. Everyday you call me gedik. Okanemochi. Urusai. Wus I never there when u need me? Did I ever call you with names? We're not there yet. Still, I care. But my care, somehow is'nt good enough for you. You. Only think about youself. Do you? All that i can say is, Thanks.