Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sisters..If Only.

If only you know, how much I love you.

If only you know, how much I treasure you.

If only you know; how much I want to let you know, the REAL beauty of life.

the REAL beauty of the PURPOSE of life.

I never felt so close to you,
since I know why I'm loving you.
since I know that its just natural, as it is because of Allah; our Creator. Our Lord.

That loves us more than anything in this world.
I never want to see you in tears, crying for this temporary life.
I never want to see you go astray, not knowing where to go.
I never wanted to be this far from you; nor to let you go, drowning in a life full of ignorance.

Those laugh, share it with me. Those smiles, make it memorable; as you're always near, here in my heart.

Because there's no end to this relationship, my dear sisters. and there's no end to something that's beautiful, as beautiful as Islam.

If only you know, how much I want to be with you; to protect you.
how much I want you understand,

this perfect deen. the deen of Islam.

#had this written when a good friend broke-up with her boyfriend. There's so much to life than a boy. Don't let your heart be played. Give it all to Allah, and He'll give you a protector that will be there with you, through good and bad with His blessings.

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