Friday, August 06, 2010

Summer Post SP#1 Them Roads

In less than 24 hours after landing in Kuala Lumpur, I had to drive all the way to KLIA from home all by myself. Let me remind you that I have not been driving for nearly a year now. (I was trembling! One hour of driving was somewhat scary! )
I had no choice.
One thing I realized was that, SOME of Malaysians drive like loose monkeys on the roads.
They give you no signal sign.
They don't give way to you.
They cut lanes like they're playing go-cart.
They follow you like they can't wait to kiss your car's ***.
They don't care about you giving the signal sign.
Left line for the slow ones? Nah, no more.
It's already stressful enough dealing with those kind of human beings while driving. I don't need the road sign to give me anymore stress.
I wonder who made all those signs.
They're amazingly horrible.
and detours?
You've gotta be kidding me.
Why not tell me how can I get there rather than telling me you're sorry.
wow. Malaysia's road. I didn't know that I'll be this emotional and angry. One hour of travelling took me two hours. I guess I'm exhausted enough. Or maybe that it has been a while, that you can say that I'm too pampered back in Japan. Seriously.
We do not need them signboard.
Mr. Navi, I NEED YOU!

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