Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Thousands Pictures

well, when I say so, it means, theres no words for it. I mean, it cud be millions of it.. Infinity, かも。
from Malaysia to Japan, I walked, cycle, drive and fly.. (no swimming yet though..) priceless views.

Bad Day

For having "My Worst Day Ever" and "My Worst Day Ever II", was too much to talk about. I'd rather stay put and think, where are all the weeping are leading me to. But I didnt managed. The night I arrived here from Malaysia, I went loco. I felt deaf. "Where are all the happiness? The laughs? The words that I can undestand?" I almost killed the Tv. and the radio too. I felt sick of the languange. I blame everything. I miss my mom like crack. As in, suddenly. With no sign of it at all that I would come. I wasnt ready to go back at that time. Wasnt ready yet to let go. Being here was what I had always wanted. But being crazy, wasnt one of it. The idea of quitting this, and go home was pretty crazy. I guess things do happen and it teaches us a very great lesson. I didnt know that its a 'norm' syndrome after the 'Balik Malaysia' holiday to feel soo stuck up. "What I thought was the cure, turned out to be the poison." But its okay, life goes on. And yah, you know its hard. We all will face it someday.