Saturday, May 11, 2013



Another weekend spent in Kuala Lumpur.

I'm actually on my way back to Kerteh now. I go back to KL almost every weekend, which I can justify that tengok muka mak dapat pahala and the amount of money spent on the road is well spent. RM200+ for a retun trip if I'm driving alone, and RM70 (return) if I take the bus.

I've tried asking around if I can carpool with anyone who goes back to KL that weekend, though every time I ask someone their answer is always the same, "Ramai je orang balik KL". There's someone, but don't know who. A four-hours trip should be spent with someone they know well enough to be on the journey together. When I finally found one, they'll say "kereta dah penuh", "balik esok kot..tengoklah", "cuba tanya orang lain dulu,".

I guess not yet then. InsyaAllah later on.

Why do I have to go back all the time?
Because I want to.

I'm the imported maid from the East Coast. Heh. I can know from the amount of laundry I made that weekend is a pile of 2 days or 2-weeks old laundry. So does the dishes, the mopping, the cleaning and the list goes on.

How I wish I can teleport from Kerteh to KL. Once I arrived home, I'd be sleeping/golek-golek-ing all day from the exhaustion of 5 days work and 4-5 hours traveling from Kerteh. Baru masuk Sabtu dah kena pack untuk balik Kerteh.

Can't you transfer to KL?
Give me a year.

Give me one complete PPA cycle to learn and prove myself here in operation. The work that I'm currently juggling right now is pretty much intense because I have so much to learn, yet I think that someone else can do some of the easy part (yet extremely time consuming) for me. I can pay another person a portion of my pay to get those clerical work done since it only requires you to be able to read english. Hoh.

Susun contract. Susun list. Check list. Keep track of list. Update list.


I really enjoy my work though. The people around me are lovely and nice too. Selalu rasa nak balik Kerteh though me family isn't there, and the long-distance relationship is teaches a lot on understanding other's feelings from afar. Blessed indeed.

Where to next? Wallahualam.
Looking forward to what Kerts have for me.