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Do You Have A.D.D?


Akhirat Deficit Disorder that is. I heard that Imam Suhaib Webb would give a talk few days ago and, masyaAllah, our sister had written a post about it. I shall just quote the post. & incase you're wondering, there's the full video at the end of this post. (you can skip the sharing if you want to ^-^")

I just came home from a talk by Imam Suhaib Webb.
He is like THE BEST speaker ever and whenever there’s a talk by him, the hall is always full. True enough, I had to sit on the floor tonight.

So the topic tonight was DO YOU HAVE A.D.D.?

ADD would normally mean Attention Deficit Disorder, but tonight it was “Do you have Akhirat Deficit Disorder?”

And for most of us who went tonight, the answer is a big fat yes. Everything that matters now is usually the worldly stuff and the hereafter is like “we’ll cross the bridge when we get there” kind of thing. Everyone’s chasing for the ease in the world, but what about the ease in the hereafter? We hear these things all the time and it’s not like we don’t know, but it’s important to be reminded a lot.

Imam Suhaib starts off by saying that when he was in KL, he saw a lot of Sweet Charity posters and advertisements everywhere. Almost everywhere he went he was reminded of Sweet Charity and how they have a concert coming up here. So he acknowledges the point of advertisement and how it’s just the nature of human beings to forget. Then he related that to akhirat and life hereafter. How we always forget about the akhirat because we don’t see advertisements of it everywhere. If there was a “Hell is Hot” sign on every streetlight on the street, we’d all be amazing Muslims.

But actually, there IS advertisement of akhirat! He says that on every page of the Quran, the word hereafter is mentioned. Every single page of the Quran will remind us of the hereafter, so if only we read it, we’d remember akhirat all the time and not have “ADD”.

He reminded us the this world we live in, this dunia, is all a means, but should not be an objective. Our objective in life as a Muslim is to go to heaven, that is the only pure objective. And this worldly things surrounding us is a means to achieve our objective. Someone who has a lot of means, like money or fame, but doesn’t use it to achieve the objective is not a successful person.

So to be successful in life and not have ADD, one needs to know their direction in life. For one to have that, one needs NIAT. Niat is your direction, niat will let you focus on what you want to do. So have a good niat in everything you do, and everything will make sense and your life will be more meaningful.

He added that as Muslims, we should be inspirations to others. We should be creative and be proactive. Even our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. had non-Muslim “fans” and one wrote poems about him during his time. He inspired even his enemies and we should be inspired by this. As Muslims, we should not breed insecurity or fear to live or be so restrictive. He gave the example of a dog. Yes, Muslims can’t touch wet dogs etc, but in Egypt he said, they build water troughs for dogs! They used charity money to care for these dogs by giving them a place to drink water, because dogs are Allah’s creations too and they would feel responsible and answerable to God if these dogs died of thirst! See how creative they were??

Then he said something that really made me want to cry.

He said this.

In the Quran, there’s a lot of “We” in God’s words. We will protect you, We will comfort you. And that just goes to show how strong this intimacy between Muslims and God is. It’s like saying “We got your back, dude.” Like if we struggle in life, trying to uphold what’s right, trying our best to stay away from gossip, trying our best to cover ourselves, trying hard to pray 5 times a day, trying hard to memorise the Quran, trying hard to balance work and family, trying hard to stay away from the destructive pleasures in life. If we struggle in the dunia for Allah, Allah’s got our backs in the hereafter. He, of all things, knows what we go through in order to become better humans and He acknowledges all we do, even if no one else cares. If there are ever times we find it hard to do what’s right, don’t worry, Allah’s got our backs. If not now, He’ll reward us in the hereafter.

It’s just so beautiful; Islam. It only asks you to do good things, but sometimes it’s hard. When no one else knows how we feel, we just have to know Allah’s there every step of our way. Allah cares. He’s got our backs. So all He asks in return is for us to care for Him too and live in the way of Islam. Why do we expect Allah to be there for us if we’re not there for Him?

It’s simple and it’s only humans who make it hard. I have to constantly remind myself everyday and really try to overcome my struggle, especially in the case of covering my aurat. Insyaallah, I won’t take that long.

So to summarise, he says the best thing to overcome ADD is the Quran and sunnah.

Where to start?

1) Baby steps – never stop learning everyday. Read the Quran’s meaning, learn the sunnah. Don’t read the Quran just as how it is revealed to you. Be proactive, he said. Actually find out the meaning and read it as if you’re walking along with the ayat.

2) Surround yourself with good friends - seriously, once your niat is right, suddenly good friends will just surround you! Suddenly you’ll find good people around you who come out of nowhere. My mom was right all along. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS. Don’t waste your time with friends who take you further away from good deeds.

3) Attend educational talks and discussions – feed that brain, don’t be arrogant thinking we know it all. To keep myself updated, I “liked” the YMP Facebook fanpage or go to website.

4) Be good to your parents – Imam Suhaib said that he had so much trouble memorising the Quran. When he went to his teacher, the teacher asked “How do you treat your mother?” Imam Suhaib’s mom is a non-Muslim and so Imam Suhaib wasn’t that close to her. So the teacher called him a fool. And Imam Suhaib started being nice to his mother, treated her nicely, helped her with housework. His mother was pleased with him and slowly, he started seeing that he could memorise the Quran, page by page. So never underestimate the power of mommy and daddy.

5) Be good to people in general. Respect people, be helpful, be kind, be beneficial to others.

Whatever we do, always have the hereafter in mind. Chase all the goodness we can find in this world, make something out of ourselves right now, have a career, get rich, be ambitious! But never neglect that book in the corner and the meaning it carries. Don’t be deceived by the ease and pleasure of this world, because they’re all temporary.

We all want a good ending in the end, so whenever it gets hard, just keep our eyes on the prize; Jannah.

Ok, baby steps now. Bismillah.

and you can read the full one here. But it's already 99% of what she posted. =)

Worry Ends when Faith Begins

*This lyrics is specially dedicated to the story of the prophet Muhammad when he was in Thaif, (you can read the story here) and to each and everyone of us, including myself.

Don’t be saddened by what you see
By all the lies and treachery
Life is cruel but don’t worry
In your heart lies the key
To unwind all the secrets
Of this life we see

 There's one exact reason why Allah gives you what you have. Even all the bad things that you've experienced.

Terus terang ingin ku katakan bahawa tidak ada gunanya kerisauan yang melampau. Baik atau buruk, itu adalah ketetapan Allah pada kita. Lagi-lagi untuk berasa takut akan perkara buruk yang mungkin akan terjadi dan mungkin tidak, alangkah ruginya masa yang terbuang dengan keraguan tentang pertolongan Allah itu sendiri. 

When you feel you’ve lost it all
When you don’t know who’s your friend or foe
You wonder why you’re so alone
Worry ends when faith begins

Hikmahnya terlalu banyak bila Allah memilihku berasa dibumi sakura ini. Sendirian, walau dikelilingi jutaan manusia, sepi. keseorangan. Penuh, padat gerabak kereta-api, namun tidak ada satu suara pun didengari. Semua orang bisa ada agendanya tersendiri. Lantas ada yang memakan teman untuk merasakan hebat. Yang menjadi mangsa-mangsa terus patah, tak bisa bangkit lagi.

Don’t be sad by what you see
It’s true life has its miseries
But one thing’s always worked for me
Worry ends when faith begins

Tapi tak dapat dibayangkan perginya Nabi itu ke Thaif keseorangan. Tiada teman yang melindungi, tiada lagi si isteri untuk mengadu duka. Lalu Allah mengujinya dengan sangat hebatnya. MasyaAllah.

 Bersyukurku disini adanya akhwati disisi. Biar kami jauh beribu batu, tapi hatinya tetap satu. Biar diuji jatuh lagi, dan lagi, tapi parut itu membuktikan kekuatan hati, ketabahan semangat kami. Ternyata yang paling asyik diuji itulah yang paling disayangi kerna sering mendapat perhatian Ilahi.

Allah memanggil kamu apabila kamu susah, untuk kamu itu berdoa kepadaNya. Kalau yang terus lalai itu.. nauzubillah kalau dipanggil malakai maut, tak sempat untuk merasa sesal, susah, lantas mau meminta pertolongan dan keampunan Allah.

If you’re weak it’s not a crime
Don’t you know it’s blessing in disguise
To know who’s honest and who spread lies
Worry ends when faith begins

Hidup ini senang. Bergembiralah orang-orang yang mensucikan, menundukkan dirinya kepada Allah.

Yes. I cry like a baby all the time. But infront of no one but Him. If that's hard to do...hmm. try listening to this song when you're feeling down. Maybe it'll be a start for you.

“Ya, Allah kepada-Mu aku mengadukan kelemahanku kurangnya kesanggupanku, dan kerendahan diriku berhadapan dengan manusia. Wahai Dzat Yang Maha Pengasih ladi Maha Penyayang. Engkaulah Pelindung bagi si lemah dan Engkau jualah pelindungku! Kepada siapa diriku hendak Engkau serahkan? Kepada orang jauh yang berwajah suram terhadapku, ataukah kepada musuh yang akan menguasai diriku?

Jika Engkau tidak murka kepadaku, maka semua itu tak kuhiraukan, karena sungguh besar nikmat yang telah Engkau limpahkan kepadaku. Aku berlindung pada sinar cahaya wajah-Mu, yang menerangi kegelapan dan mendatangkan kebajikan di dunia dan di akherat dari murka-Mu yang hendak Engkau turunkan dan mempersalahkan diriku. Engkau berkenan. Sungguh tiada daya dan kekuatan apa pun selain atas perkenan-Mu.”

You know I've made my point when you listen to this.

Worry Ends by Sami Yusuf


Let me tell you a story for you to guess the meaning of today's post.

Jabir bin Abdullah, may Allah be pleased with them, reported: Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) said:

"In case we get wealth from Bahrain, I will give you so much and so much;" he made an indication of it with both his hands. Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) died before wealth from Bahrain came. When Abu Bakr received it, he ordered a caller to announce that if anyone who claims a debt against the Prophet (may peace be upon him) or was promised money by him, should meet him (Abu Bakr). 

 So, Jabir told Abu Bakr about he Prophet's promise to give him so much and so much. Abu Bakr gave him a handful of coins and asked him to count them and they were five hundred and said: Take twice that amount.

(In everyone's head when they heard this)

Mr.A ;
"Maybe the prophet ordered something (the harta) from Bahrain and (got stuck somewhere) on its way to Medina. That's why they didn't make it in time for the prophet.

"The prophet did some business with people from Bahrain. But, the profit(the harta) will come a little bit late.

Lady C;
"They had a war in Bahrain, and things won from there, are on its way to Medina.

...the thoughts went on for a while...
and can you guess what is the main idea of this story?

Fulfill your promises. Memenuhi janji.

وَأَوۡفُواْ بِٱلۡعَهۡدِ‌ۖ إِنَّ ٱلۡعَهۡدَ كَانَ مَسۡـُٔولاً۬

"and fulfil (every) engagement, for (every) engagement, will be enquired into (on the Day of Reckoning)"

"dan sempurnakanlah perjanjian (dengan Allah dan dengan manusia), sesungguhnya perjanjian itu akan ditanya"

At first, it was like a normal thing for The Prophet to fulfill his promise, and yes, people ALWAYS believe him. That's why he's called A-Amin, meaning trustworthy.

But, we actually didn't know what was the real story about 'the harta' said in the story just now.

What happened was, (almost near to Lady C's thought) there was a war to conquer (takluk) Bahrain, but it happened ONLY after the prophet died. He payed off his debts with a war that he knows they will win over. People that he ows his money too, believed that they will get their pay. Even after he passed away.

Because they believed in him.

What about us? Do people believe in us? The prophet s.a.w was the most perfect human being that ever lived. He was just, a human.
Just like us.
"O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? (2) Most hateful it is with Allâh that you say that which you do not do."
"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Mengapa kamu memperkatakan apa yang kamu tidak melakukannya! (2) Amat besar kebenciannya di sisi Allah kamu memperkatakan sesuatu yang kamu tidak melakukannya."

Especially when it's about duty (amanah) that is given to us due to our status and occupation. Come to think of it, I was a club secretary back in high school and obviously, I did almost nothing at all. Even now, astaghfirullah. Allah is going to ask us one day if we actually did what we're supposed to do.

Eg. Jika kamu menerima gaji sebagai seorang jaga, tergamakkah kamu tidur sewaktu melakukan tugas kamu? Allah akan bertanyakan tentang setiap saat yang diamanahkan pada kamu itu. Astaghfirullah.

Even-more if you're a leader of a country! you've been given the amanah from the people and from Allah s.w.t to lead. Yet you did things that is far astray from Allah, and didn't fulfill what you've once promised. "With great power comes great responsibility."-Spiderman. T-T"

#A short post. But a reminder to me. and you.