Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Yes, it's here.

I was right. When I said that there were something wrong. It felt as if things are not meant to be for me. I can feel the fall when I'm actually flying up high. That's the person I am. Always ready for the worst case scenario. He actually did. He took 'em all. Another test specially made for me. Am I really better today than what I was last? Is my iman prepared enough to face another phase of trial? Only the heart can tell. and He holds the key to them heart. It took me an hour to answer a question. It took me a night long to finish a paper. And it feels like forever to be able to think right. I couldn't send in an assignment. There goes 2 credits. I couldn't send in 4 reports. There goes another 2 credits. I couldn't finish the final exam in an hour. Say bye-bye to 2 more credits. Yes, He holds the key of them heart. He always listen, and He always knows. I should start by saying hi. Start a conversation. It's a waste if I don't, because he's always here. by my side.

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