Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Handsome tak?"

Me; "Babe, I have a friend nak recommend kat you,"

Friend; "Hensem tak? Tunjuk gambar plis."

    I can't say that I've found the man of my life. At least not officially yet. But when I found that man, his looks was not the reason why I said yes. (Or, was it my "conditional yes"...?)

   The conversation above applies to almost all my single girlfriends I have out there. Don't tell me things like, "Sebab tu la diorang masih single" and what not. Maybe they're just taking chances, for having themselves heartbroken for a number of times. To them, if they're gonna go for it again, why don't go for a pretty face instead, since getting dumped for another girl would be a really tragic life experience.

  It's not who to blame, but what has become of us being so afraid to take real-life chances.

  The moment they ask, "is he a good-looking guy?", I know they're not in it for the long-term. Maybe they eventually will, we don't know yet.. but most aren't when they ask such. They'll give it a try, if it's a face worth crying over for.


Love, doesn't come to you on it's own. A man will.

That man will show you the meaning of being brave, responsible of taking those chances, and most of all, sacrifice for commitments.

Whether he's a friend, a colleague, an acquaintance, or your neigbour,

life happens.

By then, you won't be bothered to ask, "Handsome tak?"

 Though you'd be saying, "I don't even love him," with doubt if you can ever live with him, never ever doubt Allah. He's the owner of all hearts. He gives us the feeling of love, and He can take them back whenever He wants to.

Ask from Allah for love.

Love will overcomes all those bumps in life, and of course, you'll be tested again,

"What you innit for?"

For that handsome face you used to adore?
For that heritage that you wanted so much?
For that status that gets you places?
For that romance that you found exciting?
For that manly attitude that got you falling in love? 

Or for the sake of the love you've asked from Allah, to please only Allah? or did you even ask from Him?

Humans change. We change. That man you love, will change.
He gets ugly and old, so do we.
He gets loveless, so do we.
He gets tired and boring, so do we.
and all those glitters might not be there anymore.

Can you live together with that? or, till death do us part? or was it "till jannah.." ?

  I might sound skeptical this time. Yes, I am. I might sound like I'm having a cold feet right now. Maybe I am. I just want to do things right, and I know it shouldn't be that complicated.

Ya Allah, do ease things for me, and for my girlfriends out there.

"Handsome tak?" won't get you started. At all.