Monday, July 12, 2010

When hope is always around.

This is a picture taken from my programming class's student portal. The first zero means completed. Well, I haven't completed any of them. To be specific, none of my report have been graded yet for the past semester. Awesome!  Second, is the number 5. I've sent ONLY 5 reports so far. No wonder he's not bothered to grade any of them because..... I have 53 more reports to go by the end of next week  My dear family and friends, this is only a 2 credit class. I have 11 class this semester all together, and I am looking forward for my French communication III exam at the end of the month. Alhamdulillah, I am still sane and believe that things will go perfectly well by the time I'm ready for home this summer holiday. I already bought the tickets for 100,000yen - from 3rd august until 21 sept and yes, they're very expensive. But Iman said it's a process of "penyucian harta". Uh-huh, a person that bought a cheaper ticket can say that (ToT)/~~~ Maybe it's true. I really AM not bothered about money for the past months even though I'm way passed bankruptcy. I buy things that I need, and go where I have to go, regardless of the balance I have in mizuho( the name of a bank in Tokyo). I just know that things will be alright. Money is everywhere. Boleh dicari. If Allah has decided that the money is mine, then it will be mine. This is my voice when I am happy. Today, I am very happy indeed. I have no idea why, but this is the day I start to memorize the Surah Al- Mulk. No doubt that it is quite long for an amateur like me to be able to do 'em, but I'm fairly positive about it. I found it easy if I'm in the process of memorizing the book of God, and then trying to understand and memorize things that I have to learn at school. (I mean, university--) Verily, it is Him who holds the key to our heart. He can make things the way He wants it to be, and yes.. we have to ask for it! Nothing is impossible with Allah. Impossible. I'm possible. Nadiah Azli

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