Friday, November 28, 2008

Gay away

"Sure, Gay people have the same right as everyone else to find a partner and be happy" "I say yes, If more gay couples lived openly, it would be easier for society to accept them" "I don't know. I just don't think society is ready to accept gays"
I was the only one to said,
"Absolutely not. Homosexuality is wrong"
and Takuto said,
"Gay?? No thanks, but lesbian is okay, "
BUT, have they all forget about
80. Dan Nabi Lut juga (Kami utuskan). ingatlah ketika ia berkata kepada kaumnya: "Patutkah kamu melakukan perbuatan Yang keji, Yang tidak pernah dilakukan oleh seorang pun dari penduduk alam ini sebelum kamu?
81. "Sesungguhnya kamu mendatangi lelaki untuk memuaskan nafsu syahwat kamu Dengan meninggalkan perempuan, bahkan kamu ini adalah kaum Yang melampaui batas".

Bloody Blood.

”まだ低い” - still low.
I had to stay in the blood donation bus.
Already 30mins late for my 5th period class.
Damn, its too cold outside. Again, I fainted.

hahaha.... dramatic betul. Its been exactly a year since I donate my blood, and I got my self this blood donor card. Its to keep track the details of my donation.

The blood bus came (they come once a month to my university). I'm O型 positive. It was 超ピンチthat day, meaning, they really need O blood as much as possible. and... I decided to be a hero~
Im out of cash.
'This' is something that I am full of. I was in the mood of doing good deeds. =) Malaysians should do it often too.
Its good for your health, like Akane said,
" I'm 0.4kg lighter!".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mata oh mata.

In life, at least once.
Pernah tak lihat satu pemandangan yang akan membuatkan anda mengatakan,

"MasyaAllah.. Subhanallah.."

Keindahan alam yang tiada kata - kata dapat mengungkapnya. You then, take out your camera to savour this amazing moment. Happy that you have your camera with you, you take several pictures. Yet, you are still not satisfied.  

"Kenapa tak secantik apa yang ku nampak?"

Sedikit kecewa, hmm.. mungkin anda bukan seorang jurugambar yang hebat. Tapi bagaimanakah? Keindahan yang terlalu berharga untuk dibiarkan begitu sahaja.. Lalu anda duduk merenung keindahan yang fana' itu.

First time I went to Fukushima about 2 years ago, I cried. It was the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen in my life. It was autumn. The hills was covered with red, mixed with orange, and yellow coloured leaves. Dashing blue river between the hills, small houses by the riverside, MasyaAllah.. The air was too good to be true; it was thin, as if I can feel it flowing in my viens. Again, I cried.

Few weeks ago, it was already dark when I finished my 5th period class, . On my way for Maghrib prayers down the stairs, there it was. The full moon; as if its decorated with the pieces of clouds , and made pretty, with striking yellow coloured leaves on the trees. It is autumn again. I wish I could. Savour the moment. Just staring at it.

I wish I could. Cut out my vision. paste it in photoshop. save it in as a jpeg file. My eyes, was, is the best camera that I have ever own. Better than any SLR in the world. I could never let it go.

Imagine, losing your sight for a day. Or at least, 5 minutes. I dont think I'd survive. I tried, taking my glasses off, and try to stare at the beautiful moon, again I cried; it was a distorted image.

MasyaAllah, Alhamdulillah for The Creator's invention of the the moon, and my eyes. Tiadanya mataku, bisakah ku melihat kebesaranMu; Tuhan yang Maha Esa? Bisakah aku membaca ayat-ayat suciMu; Tuhan yang Maha Mengetahui? Aku mahu menghafal dengan penglihatan dan mata hati ini. Mencari erti hidup dengan pengamatanku.

Mata, oh mata.
Namun, sungguh kerdilnya kamu jika dibandingkan dengan ciptaanNya yang di luar sana.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Apabila bulan lepas rasa seperti hanya semalam.. Ah.. cepat sungguh masa berlalu. Lebih banyak report, presentation, debate dan segala macam alah.. sememangnya, cepat sungguh masa berlalu. Kesejukan hari ini seperti tidak terasa. Orang lain dah sibuk2 memakai muffler dan jacket bulu, aku sempoi aja berbaju Indon dan jaket sukan. Tak mungkin sudah winter. Cepat sungguh masa berlalu. Sejuk. sungguh sejuk, sampai ke tulang. Emosi yang semakin complicated, deria sejuk itu tidak berperasaan lagi. Hari ini hari Selasa. aku sudah pikirkan tentang hari sabtu, hari ahad. Dan kemudian, aku akan kembali sedar, yang hari sabtu, ahad ku itu, baru sahaja berlalu. Kembalilah pada realiti. Diri yang sekarang ini. Diri yang sebenar ini. Yang sarat. dengan amanah. dengan tanggungjawab. Yang berat. dengan kemalasan, dengan penangguhan. Apakah kau mahu kalah dengan ini? Kalah pada kesejukan, dan emosi yang kering kontang? Ternyata, lapar dahaga emosi, dan roh itu perlu kau penuhi.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been tagged by Adam. =) Name : Nadiah Sisters : 3 Brothers : 6 Shoe size : 25(Japan) 7(msia) Height : 155++cm Where do you live :Tokyo, Japan~ Have you ever been on a plane : du-uh. I mean, of course.. hehe Swam in the ocean : I'd rather not. main pasir tepi laut bleh.. Fallen asleep at school : Back in Malaysia, mcm tak pernah kut. But since kat Japan ni mcm selalu sangat je. Ada sekali tu, I rasa I baru je kelip mata, tetiba satu papan putih tu dah penuh. Apekahh?! Broken someone’s heart : harap2 la I dah di maafkan yer~ ^-^" Fell off your chair : oh.. selalu melalu.. Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : adela kut, zaman2 remaja buta dulu. haha.. Saved e-mails : banyak jugak. What is your room like : sangat luas. tak tau nak letak apa dah. What’s right beside you: kosong, kosong. jauh dibelakaaaaang sana ada tv. hehe What is the last thing you ate : onigiri!! Chicken pox :oboetenai naa.. (tak hingat arr..) Sore throat : hmm.. lately cam tade. Stitches : whoah! kowak! tadek2.. Do you Believe in love at first sight : aahh... tak tau la yek. kene sentiasa menundukkan pandangan nih.. >_<" Like picnics : ureshii... picnics sangat best! next week pgi koyo kat Takao-san jom! Who was/were…The last person you danced with : err? does the pussycat dolls counts for the exercise? hehe.. Last made you smile : hmm.. susahnya soalan.. T-T You last yelled at : I dont remember. usually to my brothers je. hehe Today did you… Talk to someone you like : yeah. of course. Get sick : ha ah. sbb makan cereal, roti, and salad for breakfast. (biasa tak breakfast..huhu) Talk to an ex : inday. Miss someone : the family at home. Who do you really hate: siapa? Zionis.tu kebencian. hatred. tapii, kita kene ringan utk memaafkan kesalahan org lain. (but not ever the zionis) Do you like your hand-writing : my japanese handwriting sux. nanti kene tambah curly2 kat ujung, baru lawa kan.. hehe.. Are your toe nails painted : ew. no. menduksai ah nak wudhu. apa anda tak solat? Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in: tatami rumah iman! hehe.. ada hot carpet lagi.. What color shirt are you wearing now :black. Are you a friendly person : yeah. too friendly sometimes. Do you have any pets : no. and I dont like cats. Do you sleep with the TV on : bazir letrik je. bukak heater pun kedekut. What are you doing right now : this. Can you handle the truth : ouh, i supposed so. I watched too much of desperate housewife already not to handle that. Are you closer to your mother or father : mummy! Do you eat healthy : if not eating burger, carbonated drinks and so on is calld healthy, i guess I am. Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : I don't have one. If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : "kekasih gelap"ku Are you loud or quiet most of the time : very quiet at the university. barely say a word. even hi. kalau dah keluar, hu-ha-hu-ha tak henti2.. =D Are you confident :oh.. sangatlah. 5 things I was doing 10 years ago -standard 4A1 -school prefects dari std 2. (suka tarik telinga budak x dgr cakap. haha..garang oo..) -playing softball(rounders) -omg, tak hingat ar lain.. 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire -seikai ryouko (pusing dunia avec mummy) -build a kindergarten, a school, a university. -own a tv station -invest, -and, do what I'm supposed to do with the money. 5 of my bad habits -lazy potato -procrastinate -put things where-ever I want. -tu je kut.. hehe.. 5 places I’ve lived/living -Kuala Lumpur. -Tokyo, Japan. 5 people I tag -Mizah -dan sesiapa yg mahu buat. lols. jya ne.

BB Diary #3

Hari ni class finished at 6 something. Mengantuk~~!! Right after class, terus start Billy Boots. (sbb dh ponteng hari ahad.. ^-^") Alhamdulillah, Yoku gambarimashita!! Today's exercise feels so much better. Satu jam, owatta. yay!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

BB Diary #2

Billy Boots. 2回目 "10 minutes.." "Baru 10 minutes..??" I don't know why.. this time the workout seems to be killing me. Penat tak terkata. Dah berpeluh2 dah. "Tak larat... dah.. dah.. esok la sambung pulak.. lapar betul dah ni.." Hahh?? Macam mana ni?! Baru 2nd time exercise dah nak give up dah?? "Well, I can't help it! Tak larat.." No way. Until all the 3 missions are not finished, don't ever dream on getting the ****. "Billy ni biar betul..mcm tipu je.. penat cam nak pengsan dah! macam mana yg org2 gemuk tu buat sampai kurus.. sugei na diorang.." "Ini bukan workout tuk kurus dah ni.. macam nak ajar martial arts tonggang tebalik dah ni. Muri da yo!" Ala, tak yah la sampai hageshi sangat mcm diorang tu. Depa buat setiap hari kut. Ni baru nak mula, tak biasa lagi badan tu. Buat sikit2 je dulu.. gerak slow2 je.. Kene la sabar sikit.. ato, 50分(minutes) da yo!! Gambare niea!! #Seb baik tak gaduh dgn inner self. haha.. I managed to finished the 1 hour workout. Tomorrow, rest. Lusa sambung balik. Yappa, gambaru shikanai.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Guily Pleasure

SOME people who knows me VERY well will know what am I all about. Things that makes me go crazy and yes, cuckoo. Its not that obvious. Bcoz, I'm the kind of person that goes crazy in the inside, fighting with desires and tons and tons of guilt. What if, what if, and more ifs.. Last night, was a nightmare. Why there's SOO MANY pretty bags in store this time of the year?? (well,my idea of pretty..>_<"most of the time, its the wierd, unusual looking one. I still have the big green frog purse -from Zoon, that I've been using it for at least 5 years now. It cost me only RM19.90 though.. haha.. crazy!) I think I have 2 full big box of bags now. 'Kechi' (kedekut) sangat kut, most of the time, beli bag murah yang last2 mcm hampeh. Terburai sini, terburai sana.. tak sesuai for this, too small for that.. Its annoying. Amazingly, something caught my eyes..
Ahhhhh lawanyaa...!!! m"O-O"m
Its selling in the US for $298, at Msian online Shopping for RM 1190, and if in Japan, lagila mahal, about ¥61,950(Rm2,000+)... Gila tak kalau beli? But its pretty.. sedap mata memandang~ oohhh.. I need guidance for more patience.. ( as if la kan! but its not possible if I REALLY go cuckoo this time..) >_<"

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Billy's Boot Camp.

Few minutes ago I managed to finish Mission One (BBC Elite). Dah beli berzaman dah benda ni, dengan Iman kat Akiba that day, tapi baru hari ni nak bukak plastik. Dalam duk stress dengan segala macam masalah dunia dan alam semesta, I've decided to give this thing a try. (Yes.. bad timing.. I know.. ) Tak de mende yang senang, cepat mahupun pantas kalau nak dapat result yang baik. Ingatke seminit dua je work-out ni, last2 satu mission sejam. Haish.. Kalau tak biasa bergerak banyak2, mula la, sakit sini, sakit sana. But thank god, I enrolled in this karate+taekwando thingy few months ago (pi latihan 2-3kali je, pastu decided to quit sbb kene praktis dengan lelaki.. eww), so takde la rasa kejang sangat otot2 nih. hehe.. Ada 7-day eating plan skali. (Err.. entah boleh ikut ke tak eh... hehe..) Its not really about losing weight or whatsoever, cuma I think I need to be in control of myself a little bit(mentally and physically). Merasakan kesusahan menjadi sihat and maybe in shape. If not, jangan haraplah nak exercise( walaupun I naik basikal everyday..) makan junk-food, and chocolate is already killing myself bad enough. Looking at the big quote stated on the box, you can see, "GET RESULTS IN JUST 7 DAYS - GUARANTEED!" Uuu.. boleh percaya ke?? I guess its more on believing in yourself and have faith if you can really do it or not. Nobody can force you and kick ur ass off to start exercising and stop eating craps though. If there's a will there's a way. I doubt that it will get any easier that this.

Rindu pada rumah.

that is soooo them! haha.. I want more! I want more!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Autumn Gathering Album.

There are 4 albums all. If you are in the pictures, feel free to tag yourself in. Click the picture to see the rest of the album.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

D40. Belum apa apa lagi.

Belum apa apa lagi. Aku dah futur dengannya. Haha.. I just could'nt bond with it. I don't FEEL the connection or any spark with it. Sorry. I just dont. I bought it few days ago. Used it in Nagano, and i think i took crappy pictures. Maybe its only the emotions or wtsv, but I think I wanna get a D90 instead, and a better lense. Maybe by getting 18-200mm akan lebih menyenangkan dari nak tukar2 lense je. Leceh. Well, well... humans are never satisfied are they? I'm selling it off. For the same price, ¥51,900. About RM 1850 kut, camtuh. Duit Jepun skrg dah mahal kayh. Dulu, 28ringgit bleh dapat ¥1000, sekarang ni dekat 40hinggit baru dapat ¥1000. So, mcm tak advisable sangat nak beli barang from Japan skrg. Lain la kalau benda tu betul2 murah in here. Sbb since duit jepun dah mahal, barang2 kat sini makin murah pulak jadinya. Kami yg duk jepun ni, apa lagi.. Hapinesss... Tapi saya sudah deficit. Mungkin boleh survive satu bulan lagi kut dgn baki yg tinggal. Wargh! Kene rajin menabung. Takleh shopping sesuka hati dah pasnih. Yikes. Baru semalam beli baju labuh 2 pasang. dah ¥4,500 (dlm 160bux kut) tapi design lawa. Kata Iman, "Beli~ Beli~!"


Tomato juice yang SANGAT2 heaven.. >_<"
Individu yang sempurna. Bisakah?
more pictures coming~