Monday, December 31, 2012

Next Stage ; Kerteh


As of 16th December 2012, I'm a permanent employer of Petronas's SMSO (Shared Materials and Services Organisation) in Kerteh, Terengganu. 

(If you're going to read this post because you google-ed "SMSO / Petronas / Kerteh" you'd be disapointed because I didn't blog about what on earth is this SMSO company all about. I will soon insyaAllah, and you can click here. You can find me via @nadiah at twitter if you have any questions on moving here, or to know more about the office. No, I didn't post a photo of my calculator for godsake!). 

It has been nearly 2 weeks since then, but I've been wanting to share this new phrase of life with everyone ever since the first day I got my feet in this part of the country. I might have to be here for at least 3 years, and at the speed of things now, they're looking pretty okay. 

It was HARD for me to get proper internet connection here. It's either the house that you rent already has Streamyx, or go somewhere with free internet. Believe me, I tried. For 2 weeks, looking around for internet, I finally succumbed to the oh-we-have-to-boycott-this-fast-food-chain-they're-killing-our-brothers-and-sisters's you know where.

Tell me not to live without internet, and yes, it might be my greatest jihad of the year. 

I'm a 'foreign land' which I have no idea where I'm at most of the time, nor what's going on inside the office, and yes, I need my GOOGLE.

Anyways, being on my first job experience, no I have not received any tasks yet since I haven't gone for my PIPE induction course. So, I was really excited to get PETRONAS's 2013's leather organizer, and calendar, my own staff card, my own car sticker, my own email and phone number. Yes, I just HAD TO post them on instagram. (You can follow me 'NADIAHAZLI')

How's Terengganu so far?

During my first weekend here, we had to go for a team building session in Bukit Gambang Resort. Alhamdulillah, we got to bond with other SMSO's staff from Kerteh and Melaka. They were really lovely. I am truly blessed with their love and kind treatment.

We went through numbers of challenges, and winning was not our first priority. Just get everyone through.

Yet, CAP AYAM won first place.

What makes it bearable though I didn't know anyone here (unlike UTPians where everyone knows someone and pretty much everyone)?

My new friends.

Alhamdulillah. I met people who can accept me, regardless of my history, and how annoying I can be.

I will miss you guys so much ; leaving for PIPE for 2 weeks. =,( and you guys leaving for another 2 weeks after that. A TOTAL OF 4 WEEKS!

I've found a great teacher too. I treasure your work experience. Your life experience, and all the advices that I know I will remember for the rest of my life. I will keep on nagging you, and you know that. xD

I thank Allah, for you. 

I might not be good at it, I'm learning for perfection, and I see the positive fun in it. Work life balance. ;)

Where do I stay?

You can say that I'm lucky. I've been wanting to stay in a RI for the past years since I joined the tarbiyyah force.  During lunch in Mesra Mall, I bumped into someone I used to know back in INTEC (she was preparing for Korean), and she told me that there's one more spot at the nearest RI in that area. It was less than 10 minutes from ECRO (East Coast Regional Office).

As expected, I met lovely sisters that works at the Al-Amin School nearby and one of them works at the nearby IKRAM's kindergarten.

We had a simple road trip to Kuala Terengganu last weekend, and yay! we found super duper awesome keropok lekor rebus. It was REALLY REALLY good. REALLY. The orange colored stall was near Pantai Kelulut, and people basically stop there for their keropok lekor. I don't remember how many batang they had in it, but it was quite a lot for RM5. A good bargain indeed. Gave some to the neighbors as well. =)


The trip was to visit these two lovebirds! Farah & Farid! They've been together for as long as I know, and they went through years of wanting to get married! Bless u guys! Barakallahumfik!

There you go. The first 2 weeks of my life in Kerteh.

Was that a long one? I haven't been posting since October! I miss you too...!! xD
I will be in KL for 2 weeks, so I just want to savor this feeling of excitement that I've been keeping since I got here.

I miss home.

Ofcourse I do.