Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Too Familiar.


Another day in at work after nearly 4 months of working in Kerteh, Terengganu. I've been wanting to update, but my hands are tied to so many things lately. I shoudn't be.

I love what I'm doing. 'Cause everyday is a new process of learning yet I do feel like banging my head on the desk sometimes feeling clueless of the situation. I'm new, but I  know I must not make that as an excuse.

I did (or I still am) feeling like an outsider all the time. It felt too familiar to when I first arrived in Japan. I couldn't fit it. I smirk at every single thing that I'm against, and I de-attached myself from groups that I don't feel like mixing with.

Someone used to say that I'm really bad at pretending how I feel about things. If I hate it, I glows on my face saying "Ew. Just no" though from my mouth I say.. "sure thing".

I know things will get so much better.

Like how we bond like mad, me and my Japan buddies up until now, 7 years later. After mountains of hardship and drama of I-hate-you-it's-all-your-fault and why-must-you-be-a-b***h situation, I guess the rope that we hold on to got tighter.

Should be alright.