Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tokyo Disneyland

Monday, not weekends. Probably, Less crowded.
Well, NO!
People start lining up at 7a.m.
Gila ramai orang... after the gate opens at 8*30 or so.. about 9a.m baru dapat masuk.
It was cloudy, windy...followed with stormd rains + typhoon, and then.. hot sun burning... (very2 weird weather)
More pictures will be uploaded in Multiply album, or =)
I went with Yamadaさん, and her nephew Haruka. Husna, Asyraf and May.
楽しかったわよ!Thanks a lot to Haruka (for getting the FastPass), we didnt have to line up long lines!
*Lack of cash, I couldnt really get any sourveniers. Sorry guys. >_<'

Thursday, July 26, 2007

10 Hours Marathon.

We were told by Kokubu sensei,
that we should study more than 10 hours per day, as today will be the first day of the 3 weeks summer holiday. Well, I found it a little bit impossible.

Morning ; 10 till 12

Evening; 1 till 4

Night; 7 till 12........... 10 hours!


Last night, I ended up doing HARRY POTTER MOVIE MARATHON instead of doing my mountain high homeworks.

Starting from the 2nd movie, Chamber of Secret, to the 3rd movie, Prisoner of Azkaban, followed by the 1st movie, Sorcerer's Stone, and lastly at 2a.m in the morn, 4th movie, Goblet of Fire.

Those cost me MORE than 10 hours, obviously. I guess, studying for more than 10 hours too, was never impossible.

I WILL learn to love my study as much as i love Harry Potter.

All the best to me!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I just realized that I love blogging and posting up my pictures.

I shall not stop anymore.

This makes me happy.

Lets be happy!
(Picture of Yamadaさん、Husna & Me)

My Copy

I was the first to arrived. I hate the fact that I can no longer argue with others on my rights. There's this Philipine-Jap guy who said he saw us coming, thus it makes him the first to arrive. Which is so not fair. ( NOW I HATE JAPAN..) Having on 3 ppl to line up till 6 in the morning made no sense. I was there from 1 a.m in the morning. (Which is soooo not 'HAPPENING')! The foreigners started coming at about 7a.m. The official opening; 8:01 am. The Hogwarts party in Malaysia sounds better. (Even though I heard them having some 'bad' price war going on. Tesco n Carrefour is selling the book for RM69.60. Soooo (again..) NOT FAIR!) At least my friends got some special gift. Sza got her self a Harry Potter special mug. I WAS THE 2ND ONE IN LINE! But I got nothing. I hate this. In Kinokuniya Malaysia, they gave out special edition of the book to the first FOUR!! and FREE COPY to the next 5!! Okay, I should just shut up now. Im stopping. Oh, I havnt start reading the book yet. Im afraid I just cant stop. Im on a bouncy study weeks now. ( So stop asking me about the book or TELLing me what had happened..!!)

Exams and Result

Today, the worst exam EVER!

I can only wonder what my marks would be.
読解、Reading, 漢字、Kanji、文法、Grammar.

EJU n TOEFL results came out today.

EJU - Japanese University Entrance Exam.
And again, tanpa segan silunya, saya ingin meletakkan markah saya.. =)

日本語Japaneseー 221 over 400
数学 Mathsー 102 over 200
総合科目 General- 124 over 200
So,its 447over 800

TOEFL -The iBT format

Reading - 24
Speaking- 26
Writing- 27
Listening- 27
So, its 104 over 120

(i dont think I'll be doing any review on it this time. =)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Uuuuu..... "Im so gonna get that!" つい買ってしまう, kata orang jepun. As the whole planet earth citizen knows about Harry Potter, im not gonna explain. (*^.^*) I spent..mmm, a lot. It is, the season.. You can find everything with HP on! What I had(already)bought; 1. 2007-2008 Calendar 2. The New DVD Set 3. Magazines (That have anything about HP in it) 4. The Movie Tickets. (4 times more expensive than in Malaysia!) 5. Set No.1 Harry Potter's Chess Collection 6. Harry Potter Schedule Book 7. Poster Set THE BOOK IS COMING!! The 7th instalment of the Harry Potter book series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows. Well, Ive decided to go and line up for the book from night before the special hour. Kinokuniya One Hour Special. It seems that none of the bookstores around here are having any events. (Lil exception to Kinokuyina..) 拍手! I wanna go back to Malaysia... KLCC's Kinokuniya looks more into 'the mood'.. I heard that they'll be having Hogwarts' entrance this time. COOL! The new book is gonna cost me about 3,100円. The normal price of the book in Japan, hm.. 3,990円. But, if I add up the transportation cost of going to Kinokuniya, then... forget it la. Better buy it over the internet and have it send right infront of my doorstep with the same 3,100yen. (They're having 22% off discount!) But, I want to go line up for the FUN of it! The excitement! of waiting! in eagerness.. wohoo..! \\(^0^)//

Monday, July 16, 2007

Balik ke Tidak?

WEll, something not in the 'VERY IMPORTANT' list that i should be thinking about right now... Cud be the number 183 or sumthing... Compared to tomorrow's speech. and the 'questionnaire' that i havnt do. Well, going back to the topic; My moms' delivery is due around December. Winter holiday. BUt, i wouldnt probably go back, and the next holiday after that would be the summer holiday. Around August or so, isnt it too late? Yah, the new born baby will not be so new after all... =/ He or she wouldnt probably recognise me. aite? Hmm... once again, something that is not in the 'URGENT' list; of things to think about. =D

Ya Ummi

will return oh mother لسوف أعود يا أمي
And kiss your chaste head أقبّل رأسك الزاكي
And supress (blame?) my desires أبتّك كل أشواقي
And taste the scent of your blessings وأرشف عطر يمناك
Besmirch in the richness of your feet أمرغ في ثرى قدميك
my cheek when I meet you خدي حين ألقاك
Water the soil with my tears أروي الترب من دمعي
Happy that you are aliveسرورا في محياك
How many nights did you stay up late فكم أسهرت من ليل
So that I could sleep to my content? لأرقد ملأ أجفاني
And how many times did you thirst وكم أظمأت من جوف
So you could quench my thirst with your tenderness? لترويني بتحناني
And one day I was Ill, I do not forget ويوم مرضت لا أنسى
The tears from you that were like the rain دموعا منك كالمطر
And your eyes which stayed awake وعينا منك ساهرة
fearing that I may be in danger تخاف علي من خطر
And the day we parted at dawn ويوم وداعنا فجرا
and Oh what a harsh dawn that was وما أقساه من فجر
Words cannot explain what يحار القول في وصف الذي
I felt when I abandoned you لاقيت من هجري
And you told me things which I still وقلت مقولة لا زلــت
remember throughout my life مدّكرا بها دهري
"You will never find a heart محال أن ترى صدرا
more tender towards you than mine" أحن عليك من صدري"
You will never find a heart محال أن ترى صدرا
more tender towards you than mine" أحن عليك من صدري
CHORUS obedience to you, oh want of my life.. ببرك يا منى عمري
[is what] the God of existence has instructed me to do. إله الكون أوصاني
Your content is the secret of my success رضاؤك سر توفيقي
And my love of you is the secret of my beleif وحبك ومض إيماني
And the sincerety of your prayer [for me].. وصدق دعائك انفرجت
has resolved my misfortunes and my sadness به كربي وأحزاني
My love towards you.. ودادك لا يشاطرني
no human being loves anything like it به أحد من البشر
You are the beating of my heart فأنت النبض في قلبي
And you are what lights my vision وأنت النور في بصري
And you are the tune on my lips وأنت اللحن في شفتي
My problems cease when I see your face بوجهك ينجلي كدري
To you I do return oh mother إليك أعود يا أمي
Tomorrow I rest from my journey غدا أرتاح من سفري
And a second age will begin for me ويبدأ عهدي الثاني
and the branches will blossom with flowers ويزهو الغصن بالزهر

En. Zamani's Farewell

Held in En. Rozaimi's place, the farewell party was.. well, OK.
(Dushk. I dont know how to describe it lah!)
Yah, it was a lil bit sad that his family is leaving, but we had a great gathering. Tha last one with Kak Zai n thier daughter Iqa too.
Almost all of the senior was there, and 10 of us. Thanks a lot to Kak Yati n En. Rozaimi for the great food. I do miss eating Malaysian food, ( or shall i say, eating in a very large amount..)
Oh yah, En. Zamani is going back to Malaysia to take up the position of C.E.O Mitco Japan in Kuala Lumpur. ( Congratulation!!... but we do gonna miss the family..) ---------------------------------------------------------------------
GOsh, i thought im gonna collapse after i got home. But its 4a.m in the morning, listening to Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince. Shhot! Subuh..
I should really stop this. Harry Potter is gonna drive me crazy. I slept at 6a.m the night before reading the book. (As i forgot to upload new chapters in my iPod)
Going to have my Speech Exam in a day n not preparing anything, i am putting my self in a very 'yabai' situation. Exams... exams.. n more of them coming, I stopped, Studying.
I hate pressures.