Friday, November 05, 2010

Cinta Terlarang - Orang jepun pun tahu malu.

(A rojak post- by Niea. present tense is used so that you can pretend that you are with me at that time )

5th period feels like it ends at 10pm. Jam 6 pun dah masuk Isyak, keluar-keluar kelas je, kat luar dah malam.

As I walk towards Shibuya station, I see a man and a woman in their work suits walking side by side.
It seems like they are trying very hard to have a little conversation here and there-
but they have to keep up with the busy moving crowd; no place for a chit-chat.
As if, they are whispering, they still keep the distance between them.

Ah..I guess it's not the crowd that keeps them apart then.

( FYI, it's an odd thing to see working couples in the city, mana tahu ada scandal ke apa kan.. ^_^" but they look young; late 20's mungkin)

Back to the story, they are walking in front of me and I can't help to know what's the story behind these two.

Entah bila masa, the guy sways his hand forward and the lady catches it abruptly!

Dengan kasarnya, the guy let go of her hand and shouted, "hazukashiiyo!" which means "it's embarrassing!" and put his hand in his pocket immediately.

Errr.. terdiam sebentar melihat situasi yang sungguh awkward ini.

The lady then keeps on walking align with the guy but she keeps on looking to the ground. Not knowing what to do, how to react. That moment really embarassed her.

Serious, rasa macam nak lari je dari situ so that I won't have to witness all this. But orang ramai sangat tak boleh nak gerak mana.

She keeps on following him even though he never bothers to walk a little bit slow for her. Yes- almost 10 minutes of awkwardness and I am still kat belakang diorang.

Then, one thing happened that made me think that they could actually be a couple..

Before climbing the stairs yang boleh tahan la penat nak memanjatnya, dan sangat-sangat-sangat packed dengan manusia, suddenly he said,


and she slowly grabs his hand from the back.

As we reach up to the end of the staircase, he let go of her hand and walk fast upfront as if they never knw each other at all. She keeps on following him from behind.

How complicated.

When she manages to catch up with him again, this time he is the one who's trying to touch her hand. But he didn't.

Romantic? I don't think so- because both of them think that it's a shameful act to do in front of the public. They were just trying to control themselves.

This incident really reminds me of a high school couple I saw in Pavilion when I was back in Malaysia for the summer. They were walking so (very) close as the boy's hand was on the girl's hip. Sumpah nak muntah!
Still with school uniform on lagi tu! Dengan batch sekolah pun ada lagi. Ya Allah..

If it were for the Japanese, akan malu besar kalau I dapat tahu which company they are from.

Bonda and I had our treatment at pavilion that day and it was ramadhan. Bonda said to me, "You've been preaching all this while. Now is the time for you to really do something about that (the high school couple). You have a strong reason to give. It's ramadhan anyway".

Subhanallah, Maha Suci Allah, mulut tiba-tiba seperti dah kene lock. Anak kunci macam dah telan masuk perut. Dah kene cerna. Hilang. Rasa nak lari jauh-jauh: buat-buat tak nampak. Suruh la orang lain yang tegur. Tak berani-!

Subhanallah, sungguh itu adalah cubaan pada diri ini yang cukup besar. Allah nak test sikit je. Buat ke tidak. Ada berani nak amal makruf nahi mungkar? Tegur biar dengan hikmah. Tapi sekarang hikmah kemana, apa kemana. Buat-buat tak nampak, level iman tahap mana tu? Begitukah sedemikian keadaannya sekarang ini teman-teman di Malaysia?

Susah nak beramal makruf nahi mungkar?

I was relived to be able to take my eyes off the couple. But, this is Japan. Kafirs that knows the meaning of being shameful of such.

But to the muslims that knows Allah is watching them all the time ? The idea, the thought of doing shameful things pun Allah dah tahu. Belum buat pun lagi. Tak malukah kita pada Allah?

I am ashamed of myself for not being able to say anything. Berani kerana benar. A great lesson learnt. Tak mahu lagi menanggung beban dosa tak mengamalkan nahi mungkar.



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