Thursday, July 29, 2010


無事に(そうなの?)終わりましたー 確かにしあまりにもできなくて、めっちゃ悔しいでございます。。m(-。-)”m 何でかというと。


マジで。 書き方がわからない。スペリンッグもむっちゃくっちゃだった。 死んじゃう。 As most of us know that french writing does not make much sense with the sound. What is written, and what is being said, is... a different thing. That is one. The other is that..

They have different ways of spelling the same verb, but the pronounciation is the same.
and Ms. nadiah here, is 超苦手(really bad) at writing them words. Thus, she hates those classes that writes a lot. So picked a class called, "Communication Française III" (dengan harapan hebat akan banyak cakap dari tulis). Well, she was wrong. Most Japanese can write, but not speak the language. It really makes a lot of difference when I could not catch what they were saying in class, and while they are majoring in FRENCH! Thus, Mme. Catherine decided to give us an end-semester exam. Which is WRITING, and WRITING and MORE WRITING.
"I can speak, but not write!"
Why? Because I have no idea how the words are spelled most of the times. Why? Because I learn the language by listening. To their conversation. To their musics. To their radios. Adehh. 寝不足かなぁ・・?Salah sendiri gak eh? Nak belajar, biar belajar betul-betul. Faham semua. Tahu semua. Kan? Kan? Allah nak tunjuk supaya study tu biar sempurna. Jangan huru-hara last minute. (yeke?^-^") UkuranNya ada pada usaha. So, dah terang-terang ek kalau usaha kita pun tak 120%? (seperti kata ito-san yang menyuruh pelajar petronas study untuk straight A's - study kena 120%!)
Kenapa la lagi tak semangat kalau ito-san yang suruh.. >_<"
Ya Allah. Tolong---!! I love my studies. I love française.


mardhiahsabri said...

nadiah, care to share any website links where u listen to french convo, musics & radios? :-)

Niealex said...

applications kat iphone semua! and i ada banyak cd from my french workbook ^-^.. nak mp3 ke?