Monday, January 21, 2013

PIPE #101 [Part 1/2]


Assalamualaikum guys,

While I'm writing this, I'm already at PLC, attending my second session of PIPE #102. ^^"

So earlier this year, my parents went to Kerteh after sending my little brother to Pasir Mas, Kelatan to continue his second year in Ma'had Al Manar. On their way back to KL, they came by to car pool together and bring my little car back to KL.

As the school starts, on the 2nd of January (which was the same day that I had to attend my PIPE), I had to do the things that my mom once did for me when I was in primary school. This.

Suka hati 

Penat sangat dah ni.. 

Two of my little sisters are attending SK Bukit Damansara for year 3 and 6 and Nafeesa will be going to SK Hartamas for kindergarten. I didn't sleep that night because I was busy writing names (almost wrote Nadiah Azli instead), and packing for 2-weeks class-and outdoor activities and I was freaking out not knowing whats "appropriate".

Ayah sent me to PLC (Petronas Leadership Centre) in Bangi, and I insisted that we have breakfast together. The last time we did that when I worked with him after I finished SPM in 2005. It has been THAT long! I was 'a bit' late, but I already checked in before leaving for breakfast. So, okay kot. ^^

Pandai jugak buah tak potong. Boleh tapau!

My beloved Loyalty family. President la kunun.. 
(Omar had to take over soon after that though..)

Turbo Tan is not in the picture because. you know why. ^^

Grooming class during the first night session. 

She actually asked us to guess who does that pair of eyes belongs to. We can't help but to laugh immediately after she showed us the full picture. *I really didn't mean to* We didn't expect it to be hers sebab serious lawa je. 

Boys to check their attire, and of course, table manners. 

 The night grooming session was interesting indeed. When you learn it formally, you'll realized that you were not that wrong after all. hoho...

During the first 5 days of PIPE, it was extremely exciting for me because I went there on my own, and yet EVERYONE was super nice and friendly (no time to be all alone pun), and I actually worked out and play sports. They have a variety of facilities, including a mini gym, ping-ping, FOUR squash court, badminton, volleyball, football, snooker, pool.. and the infamous, karaoke room. Yes, I went to all. Made bunch of friends, definitely an exciting experience.  

Mini Gymnasium


Karaoke Room, conquered by the boys! lol

Snooker Session!

As you can see, macam-macam bangsa ada kat PIPE ni. They're pretty much welcoming though I'm just stopping by.

How about the lessons?

I fail really bad at this. YES, this is one skill you need to acquire when you enter Petronas! haha.

Petronas products for sale. Eh, minyak atar? 

We had En. Megat and Encik Mat for our facilitators. I'm blessed to have other participants taking the classes full-heartedly and went all out for the presentations and sketches (for TV commercial purpose). They were absolutely memorable!

"Ramesh Is Here!!" LIVE TV SHOW!

 What happened on the 5th day of PIPE?

It was dramatic. I had to leave PIPE for 4 days... 

- to be continued..

Friday, January 18, 2013

Utsushie - うつし絵


[PV] Aragaki Yui - Utsushi E (japan) by waqwa

I've shared the lyrics of this song in TDH, but I guess I'll give the direct-translation as well, here. I love this song because of the really simple lyrics and it's deep meaning. It applies to everyone around you, friends-and-loved-ones regardless.

For the love of 日本語.
Tada ichiban chikaku ni iru
Just because I'm the closest to (him/her),

Sono hito ni aisaretakute
I want to be loved by that person

泣きたいのに 楽しいふりするのは
Nakitai no ni tanoshii furi suru no wa
Pretending to have fun even though I want to cry

Angai kantan na koto da ne
Is surprisingly easy

Kanashii no wa naretenai kara
I'm not used to being sad

Taisetsu na koto wo minai youni shiteta
So I tried not to see the important things

誰もかも 何もかも 失っても
Dare mo kamo nani mo kamo ushinatte mo
Even though I lose everyone and everything

君がいてくれたなら それだけで良かったのに
kimi ga ite kureta nara sore dake de yokatta no ni
If only you were with me, that would be enough

この世界で どうしていちばん愛しいものだけ
Kono sekai de doushite ichiban itoshii mono dake
Why is it in this world only the most beloved things

どうして手のひらを こぼれ落ちてゆくんだろう
Doushite te no hira wo kobore ochite yuku n darou
Why is it things keep falling out of the palm of my hand

Sunao na kimochi wo hanasenai
I can’t tell you my real feelings

Bukiyou na dare ka no tame ni
Because it’s embarrasing

涙や 体温や 笑顔は
Namida ya taion ya egao wa
Tears, warmth and smiles

kitto kono you niAru no kamoshirenai
might actually exist in this world

Kishibe kara mieta kimi wa
From the shore I saw you

Utushi e mitai ni mite ita n da yo ne
and it looked just like a beautiful painting

誰ひとり 何ひとつ 残らなくても
Dare hitori nani hitotsu nokoranakute mo
Even though no one and nothing was left

君がいてくれたから それだけで安心だった
kimi ga ite kurete kara sore dake de anshin datta
Because you were here I felt relieved

この世界で それなのにちゃんと伝えられなくて
Kono sekai de sore nano ni chanto tsutaeranakute
Even though I didn’t tell you properly

それなのにずっと 一緒だと思っていたの
sore nano ni zutto issho da to omotte ita no
I thought we would always be together in this world

明日と昨日 順番がかわり
Ashita to kinou junban ga kawari
If the order of tomorrow and today were changed

moshimo kyou no tsugi ga kinou nara
If tomorrow became yesterday

君にもういちど 会えるかな
kimi ni mou ichido aeru kana
Would I be able to meet you again

教えて 私が探したものを
Oshiete watashi ga sakushita mono wo
Tell me, what I looked for

Kimi ga sakushita mono wo
And what you looked for

Futari ga mitsuketa nani ka wo
If we found that, what could’ve been

果てしない 広がるこの海のように
Hateshinai hirogaru kono umi no you ni
Like this endless sea

すべて受け容れたなら 許し合えるはずなのに
Subete uke ireta nara yurushi aeru hazu na no ni
If we put our everything into it, would we be able to be together

この世界で 自分が思うより深く愛されて
Kono sekai de jibun ga omou yori fukaku aisarete
In this world, I'm deeply loved by you more than I thought,

自分が思うより 一人きりじゃないんだね
Jibun ga omou yori hitorikiri jya nai n da ne
I guess, I'm not alone after all.