Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From the lense of Ikea

I paid Ikea Funabashi a visit last weekend. Masa naak pergi rasa macam tak sampai-sampai. It was nowhere near my house. One hour plus pergi, balik tak terasa sebab dah happy. ^-^"

I am more interested in spending time hanging around the kitchen area and pretend like it's mine. We've ( me n Iman back then) always found a nice kitchen to just take pictures and have our own 'cooking' hour.

It's every girl's dream to have nice set of cutleries, pots and pans.. I wonder if I should get them in Japan. Not Ikea's but some good sets in Japan might last for decades and I don't have to get new sets when I have my own family the future. My mom brought hers all the way from the States and they look exactly the same and stayed strong with us for the past 20 years!

I'll have pretty looking kitchen better than this. Clean, and sparkling! Hihi^_^* there's nothing wrong with having a good imagination and dream.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Istanbul - Museum and Coffee

If I'm not mistaken, we were the only visitor to this museum. We had to pay few lira which is way way way cheaper than visiting the king's museum (obviously..;)
Do you recognize these people?

and do you know the history of Sultan Al-Fateh?
There were so many beatiful arts and discovery made by the muslims in the past.

for great words of wisdom; take a look at the rest from the album.

The exact tools used in the past.

and later we went to a small coffee shop by the street.

and yes, the coffee was pretty good (and expensiveee!)

The album [Isnain] Istanbul - Museum and Coffee can be seen by clicking the oh-so gorgeous picture of the coffee. =D

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is exactly how the sakura tree infront my apartment looks like, about 2 weeks ago. The day that I arrived from Malaysia.

Now it looks like any other trees with green leaves. No more sakura. Aw..

So what do you do when there's no sakura to play-photo-shoot along with?
You take pictures of stuff.
Random stuff.


Bershka is a new sister of Zara. Not bad at all.

Nur Kasih 見たくてたまらんよ!

When I was browsing through my friend's blog, I saw this! and what a surprise. Nur Kasih The Movie?!

I think it's the first time ever, I feel like watching a Malay movie at the movie! (Hehe.. you just buy the CD most of the time right? ^-^)

..and they went to Petra! all the way in Jordan! I was there last month for god sake! and they made a movie there as well??

But uh.. I realized that there are more touching scene and stuff. Na-ah. Not good. I can't agree with that.

It should be one epic movie that delivers so much, as much as the drama did. I remember we had to wait every Tuesday for the drama to be put up online, and I'll go to Iman's so that we can watch them together!

ah.. those were the days.

It'll be officially available next month, which is IM-possible for me to wish for a movie time.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gloomy in Istanbul

The next class is cancelled, and I found the SD card to my Ricoh!

On the rooftop of our hostel, you can see Aya Sofia... and

 the Blue Mosque!

Since it was raining, we decided to go to Istanbul Library located right besides Aya Sofia.

Right now I'm trying to upload the pictures. There's so much of them, but unfortunately.. the quality of the pictures are just..frustating. [DON'T GET RICOH! haha.. I left it at home already ^-^"].

Click on the above picture for the rest of the [Wahid] album in Istanbul!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Climbing trees.

Well, as you can see, I gave this blog a new fresh spring look. Isn't it nice? Baru semangat nak update blog sikit.

I love that flower over there. Every year, that'll be my profile picture of some SNS sites that I'm using and as for my final year in Japan, it is going to be the face of When I'm Here.

I brought back my dad's cam with me this time. I realized that it's gonna be pretty impossible for me to get a new Canon DSLR anytime soon since I've wasted a lot of money on new clothes *ehem. ^-^" and travelling here and there.

This new semester, there's no Iman to be my ear that I can call free of charge from 1am to 9pm, and heret with me to go shopping. So many things are changing, and I find it really hard to get used to all this changes. Somehow, I feel like a little girl, finally getting out to explore the crazy-scary world all by herself.

You just wanna run away from things around you and the easy thing to do is by having a new life. Memang senang. Semua nak baru.

&&Twitter saved my life. in a way. (Tweet away~~~)

Terlalu banyak insecurities and in Twitter, if you don't like it, just unfollow. Easy. Not like Facebook, there's too many 'commitments'. Haha.

Anyway, back to the tittle of this post.

I had to climb a tree for that ONE good picture of my favourite flower that I don't even know what it is called. I shall give it a name myself.

Well, let's take a look at the other pictures first.


 Mana nak pegang camera, mana nak pegang pokok, mana nak focus, mana nak tekan. (If I were a squid, sure tade masalah. Haha..)

I really like using manual rather than to set it automatic, (yeah, after months cursing the camera and all bunch of settings that they have!) but when it comes to taking pictures like this, all you need is patient, luck, and faith! ...and hope that the picture will FINALLY turn out alright. Alright is enough. ^-^ Perfect is even better.

So, alhamdulillah dapat pun.

Nasib tak baik tak patah kaki jatuh pokok. tehee..

Andai esok ialah harinya.

[Draft post entah zaman bila punya >_<]

Tergesa-gesa saya bangun dari tidur.

Subuh yang semakin awal, sedar tak sedar baru jam 4 pagi sudah subuh gajah.

Entah bagaimana bisa terlena di atas lantai, sejuk - tak beralas, tak berbantal.

Belakang pinggang terus menerus berdenyut, marah tak di sapu minyak malam semalam. Mata yang kuyu masih menginginkan tidur yang selesa, ingin berselimut dari dingin pagi yang tak terkata.

Namun, hari ini ialah harinya.
Kertas nota yang tak bersentuh di atas meja, masih menunggu masa
ditelaah untuk peperiksaan jam dua.
Masih awal lagi, hati kecil ini berkata.
Tidur itu adalah nikmat yang terhebat, kalah segala macam tarikan
keinginan. Perut yang lapar, berkeroncong, menangis pun tak apa - esok pun boleh
diisi. Yang pasti, tidur dulu.
Terus, nota-nota ekonomi yang berselerakan itu, sepi - tak terusik.

Namun, hari ini adalah harinya.
Hari penilaian ini akan tiba juga. Akal mencari segalamacam alasan untuk mengelak hari yang tak tertunggu. Hari yang sangat panas membakar tak menarik perhatian seorang hamba
yang terlalu sibuk memikirkan saat tibanya waktu dinilaikan.
Cukup sudahkah nota- nota itu dihafal?difahami? Lalu di ajarkan pada
yang lain? Atau nota itu sekadar nota yg menjadi kertas tak bernilai.
Jam 11 : Terkumat kamit mulut membaca doa penerang hati, doa segala macam doa
yang boleh diucapi dalam perjalanan ke sekolah.

Tangan sudah tidak bisa mencapai kertas-kertas dari tas tangan.
Sekarang bukan masanya untuk menelaah.
Peluh menitik-nitik, terasa basah satu badan.


Pekasam. ^-^

Assalamualaikum y'all!

Haha.. bunyi macam hip hop artis dah. =)

I had this post for more than a month now. Upload gambar siap-siap, pastu tinggal buat draft. Sampai bila la kan tak type anything. Biasalah, internet kat Malaysia yang hebat, aktiviti kekeluargaan yang ketat, duty-duty awam seperti menjadi pemandu tanpa gaji dan macam-macam lagi peer presure yang perlu dikendali, that's all the distraction that the world can provide you with.

(My sister, before I went to OBS)

Right after my arab trip, (which I have not post them pictures yet!) I had to go through OBS for a week, and once I got back, I saw a picture of my little sister in my camera and I was like, who could have done this to her!

She looks sad, and restless!

 Yes, chicken pox.
 This is actually my first time having to take care of  someone with chicken-pox. She got that 'thing' all over her body, even on her scalp! (like, eww.. haha..) When all my brothers had theirs, I was all the way here, in Japan. So, I really had no idea how to handle this. She can't go to school or nursery. Obviously, she had to stay at home, and I have to make sure she doesn't go and peel her skin off!

It's unusual to have sick kid in the house. It's like, someone ate all the fun out!

But after about a week or so, her face slowly gets better, but her hands and feet were full of SCARS! It was really hard to keep her hands from doing anything to the chicken-pox. She'll go and kopek everything!

( Cleaner face, but still moody and unfriendly)
I miss the active little girl jumping here and there!

This is when I left her back at home. Love to look at that smile!


plus one more. =)