Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kemanisan Ukhwah.

Last week,

bangun pagi, meja dah bersih. O-O"
Tengok dalam sinki, dishes semua dah dibasuh

"Ni misti kerja si Iman"

Pagi tadi (di rumah),

Terlalu liat nak bangun. Sakit2 satu badan rasanya. Yang lain dah bangun. I woke up 2 hours late than scheduled. x)
Rumah dah kemasCucur goreng pun dah siap terhidang. Tunggu makan je.

"Biar betul mereka ini..."

Tandasku bersih. Shower roomku dah tak tersumbat. Wow.

Inikah dia yang dikatakan kemanisan ukhwah? Melakukan sesuatu bukan kerana ingin mendapatkan balasan, tetapi semata-mata kerana kasihkan sahabat itu sendiri. semata - mata untuk mendapatkan keredhaan Allah. ~aahh indahnya~

Sambil2 mengemas rumah, melipat futon dan segala alah, kami berselawat, berzikir bersama - sama. Sungguh tenang rasanya rumahku pagi tadi. ~bagai mimpi, bagaimanakah rasanya ketenangan di Taman Syurga yang sebenar itu nanti?~

Memang tak terasa  berat. Masak untuk mereka pun, tolong mereka pun, tak terasa lansung apa-apa beban. Kenapa? Kerana terlalu sayang pada mereka. Mengapa? Kerana fikrah yang sama. matlamat yang dipunyai semua sama.

Maybe its my week this week. I feel so guilty. I haven't paid last week's train fare. Even for this week's one. They gave me ¥2k for house expenses (and food). We even used our group savings to pay for dinner at Otoya (a japanese restaurant).~ohh, happiness~

I havent recite hadith 3, 5, neither 7 yet!(been memorizing each one every week). I finished hadith 7 and 3 at Otoya, but couldnt managed to finish hadith 5. 残念。。 But it was a great weekend with a happy ending. Now, just guling2 at home, spending quality time with my house,.... catching mosquito.(*annoyed)


Kelmarin panas membahang. Tak tertahan betul panasnya. Mengingatkan pakaian yg dah lama tak bercuci, "please stay, mr. matahari.."

Tapi, semalam cuci baju, hujan.

Hari ini, hujan lagi. 

Rumahku dengan sekelip mata menjadi kedai dobi sementara. Langsir yg lawa, beratus-ratus ringgit harganya, telah terganti dengan gantungan seluar. 

Hujan, hujan.  Yang turun itu hanyalah rahmat.

3 load cucian baju bisa memenuhi ruang rumah yang luas ini. Alhamdulillah, cukup hanger, cukup tempat. 

Nadiah bisa gembira.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Addicted to making Blogs.

Not post. Blogs.

For the past month, I made 2 new blogs. New accounts.
Hey, I love to try something new. So, why not?
Some may ask me, "Even with all the blog page that you already have, I don't think you can manage."

Whoever said that I'm bothered to manage? What I want to write, and where, just doesn't matter. Don't you think so?

I hate the part where I'm forced to write. Uuuuu... crap and more crap will come out if so.

Introducing a new page called kita-tachi, made with a bunch of crappy people that I'm living with. =P We are serious and steadfast when we are needed to.
But, other than that, we are proud to be our self. "just letting the hair down". Because each and everyone of us, possessed our own special characteristic and ability. Not trying too much to impress others.
So, most of the time, we'll just crap and have fun.

Amused by pots and pans in Yokohama.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Its that time of year again!

Searching thru yahoo japan, some other cheap travelling companies for ticket home!!! this make me aches!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oil Price - Tissue Price

I bought this for 340yen. About RM10.
12 roles of toilet tissue. That will last at least for a month.
Why does it have to be so expensive?!

Friday, June 13, 2008

To where I belong.

I quit Hiyoshi United Nation Simulation 2 weeks ago.  
I can't handle all the stress understanding the flow, and how to do the discussion + presentation, nor understanding whatever that they are talking about.  The handouts, the debates, are all in japanese. (Iyak da!) I'll just go to the meeting, counting every minute for it to ends at 8pm. 
I missed 2 meetings since then. But eventually, after being brain washed by Naza, I decided to just give it a 2nd try. To my surprise, I was not 'myself' anymore. 
I'm representing Malaysia this time. As a member of ASEAN, and south east Asia countries, its time for me to fulfill my duty as an ambassador and not to embarrass my self and my country. 
We discussed on points how we can solve drug problems in the world. 
Cocaine, opium, and so on.. 
Should afghanistan stop their production of these drugs and change it into some veges, or, should we give out free needles to prevent HIV/AIDS from spreading? Should there be a law to make sure that drug dealers(or makers) are punished? Like in Malaysia, we have problems with our border; smuggling of drugs. But Im not sure if there's any production of drugs in Malaysia. (Who knows?)
Thus I went, on and on, voicing out my opinion and ideas. There weren't any worries at all about my grammar mistakes. x) 
When it finished, I was like, "Where did all those come from??" T-T
I paid the 5000yen membership fees. Now, I'm officially a member of Hiyoshi United Nation Simulation. I'm praying to Allah to make this easy for me to get thru. May my brain and heart works well to 'absorb' all this knowledge given by The One Who Knows It All. =)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Your Selling Point.

 How do you present yourself in a piece of paper? or in an email?
Mr. X,  1st year student of University Y, from KL for example. Who is active in various programs and activity.
But, how can you write that down? It wouldn't be so interesting.
Mine was bad.
" Nadiah binti Azli (20 years old from Kuala Lumpur. Currently 1st year in faculty of international economics in Aoyama University). She was an active member of Toastmasters International and had participated in a United Nations oriented discussion actively upon her entrance to university."
So, what is my selling point? In what way do I sound good? It seems like I'm nothing but my past.  Come to think about it, I've been so busy, day and night, but where actually am I going? What are my goals? What do I want to achieve
Study is a must. I just have to do it. But everyone else are studying too. What makes me different from them? There are thousands of overseas students here and there.  But I don't want to be someone in the thousand bunch. (Again, boring~) Getting a just a degree is not enough, and being just a mediocre wouldn't get me anywhere.
It is not a good thing when people don't remember your name (or even you as a person).
So, what is your selling point? What makes you different than others?  
-any ideas?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Because they see it as Islam.

Whatever thats comes out from your mouth, people take it as Islam. What ever mindset that you have, people see it as Islam. What ever that you do, you potray Islam. What if, you’re a muslim and you possessed nothing that resembles the REAL islam?

“She’s a muslim and she’s not covering her head. Then, why should I?”. That’s a very typical statement of a person who does not think like a muslim. Its obvious. But what about us? We are so proud of being a muslim, but do our words speak louder than our ‘behavior’?

~Late to class. ~Break our promise. ~Lazy to do this, lazy to do that.. めんどくさい.. ~Drag our work till the last minute. ~As far as you did the work. Its done. Forget the quality.

Especially when we live in a majority non-muslim country. We are the embassador of Islam. We bring Islam where-ever we go…and they see you walking into a Karaoke-club, game centre and so on. What is THAT?? Do you realize that you are carrying a very-big ‘invisible’ sign on your head saying that your a muslim?? They wont criticize us. But you, knowing all the good things in Islam, even mentioning it in your words, your action proves it all.

“Dont talk when you hear the Athan”, said a man in his speech. When the speech is done, the Athan for Asar prayer is on. The man didn’t stop his discussion. Nor any one that were talking to him. Is it okay? or is it not okay to talk? Till today, I’m still not clear about that. Why? Because If I only heard what he said, I guess I’m going to be very sure that we can’t talk when the athan is on. But no, he was talking.

# I had a presentation this morning. Every points and idea that I made, I’ll make sure that its for the sake of Islam. for the sake of Allah. “Why we must reduce our rice consumption? It is important to make sure that the poor ones have supply. We can afford to substitute. Or else, they’ll die without rice. Life (Islam) teaches us not to be selfish. Later on, this person asked me, “Why does MUSLIM people always like to think like that? and all the other complicated things? We just wanna have fun. Life is about having fun. Sometimes, somethings are not that so important.” –Why does it have to be MUSLIM? Its my opinion, excuse me.

Because they see it as Islam.