Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Isit because of the language, that you have to use 'you' with your teachers and people that you should respect? Isit because of its not really a culture of yours to think about others' feeling? Isit okay to do what ever that you think is right? Yeah, the world evolves around you. Good, But I just think you're rude. Like I mention before, words can come out like poison. Where there's no cure but, a permanent scar. Think, before you say something. This is the reality where you can't erase-remove what ever that you've just said.

Monday, April 27, 2009

What aurat?

Ah, pertama sekali saya ingin mengucapkan... astaghfirullah. Kata-kata tidak bisa ditarik lagi dari mulut yang berbicara. Takut melihat. Takut menunjukkan aib orang. Tetapi realiti dunia tak bisa lagi disorok-sorok. Apa lagi nak dikata?

*This has got nothing to do with politics, UMNO, or whatsoever. I know there'll be people questioning about this. Please don't. I found that this video is interesting, and thats it. Please! get the message. Uh!

Looking for trouble?

I am taking Book Keeping class this year. Since I really want to do my best for this particular subject, I want to take an extra class after school to practice what I study. It will be from 6pm to 9:30p.m, every Tuesday and Friday. In order to take that special class, I need to register. In order to register, I need to agree to take an exam after the class finishes around June. The Official Business Skill Test in Book Keeping by The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 3rd level. Next week or so, MSAJ is going to have another Career Fair 2009 for Malaysian Student in Japan. I am in charge of the pamphlet. What am I thinking?? Next week too, I will have to make a speech in front of 400 Japanese high school student. Talking about Malaysia. What am I thinking?? I, volunteered to help Kouki-kun with his English Island cramp school. What am I thinking?? I should really take that back. Or, shouldnt I? I, me, I... ah, even I am sick of hearing that. x-x

Kelas Buli.

Ah, apakah nasib diri ini menjadi lain dari yang lain. Terasa sungguh istimewa, namun kadang terasa disisih. Ah, mungkin rasa hati saja. Jangan terlalu dibawa perasaan. Terasing itu perasaan yang perlu. Disisih itu perlu. Untuk kita manusia tidak terlalu selesa. Terlalu selesa berbicara hanya tentang dunia. Ah, sememangnya diri ini suka bermuka-muka. Hanya berbicara manis apabila diperlukan, namun memanah kata-kata bagai pedang dibelakangan saja. Sudah aku ketahui. Kelas komputer hari Isnin, aku perlu bersedia untuk tidak masuk lambat, kerana aku tahu apa yang akan berlaku. Walaupun, ia adalah benda yang 'baik', tapi aku dapat rasakan aura-aura yang tak menyedapkan hati. Satu meja ada 2 komputer. Masuk lambat, susah nak cari meja yang kosong. Kiri-dan-kanan. Kenapa nak 2? Bukan akan pakai 1 sahaja? Kerana aku tahu. Kalau ada orang di sebelah, tak sampai 5 minit dia akan pindah ke tempat lain. Alasan. Hipotesis aku betul setelah 2 kali membuat eksperimen. Tak sampai 5 minit, memang lari. Ha ah. Aku makan orang. Lari lah. ^-^" -Its okay. Boys yang lari. lari lagi bagus. takde la tak selesa sangat.


嵐のAAAのDVDを買おうかと思った。 やはり、無理かも。高いだし。 あり得ないね、六千円もするんなんて。 けどな、そろそろ新アルバムが発売するから、何とか安心になちゃった。 買おうと思わないけど、彼らがよく頑張ってる姿を見るのは、嬉しくなる。 新曲を聞いてもね、何となくやる気が出る。 悪いのそれ?普段、やる気がないというわけじゃないけどさ。 じゃ、聞いてみ。 興味ないなら、別にいいけど。何問題。

Sunday, April 26, 2009


It has been raining for few days now, and my Saturday is done. I have been reading a book on O blood type people and I found it rather funny and interesting. Nothing much to be said by a person that is so famous for having two different personality where it is necessary. I still am me. I've been having a lot of things in my head and things to be done. Choices to made, places to go, people to meet and so on. Yet, I am basically spending my Saturday doing nothing, and what's gone, is gone. Oh yah, I made a cheese-cake just now( at last, I am worthy of making something~)! Husna's birthday was last night. I had totally forgotten that I remember her birthday but never said a single wish to her even though I was with her-- all night long. Pathetic? (It serves me right when no one wishes me on my birthday.)-Past? Present? Future? I realised that I have become my own fear. Something that I wish I would never want to be. To do things that I would never will do (again). But, Que Sera Sera Whatever will be will be The future's not ours to see Que Sera Sera What will be will be. ^the songs keeps on playing in my head, reminding me how weird the education system was-is. We sang this for 3rd grade year-end's presentation. Is it true? Agreeable? that, what ever will be, will be? Soory,the picture is too big. We ate too much sushis >_<" Charlie-Me-Akane-Husna-Iman.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


ミクシィを作りましたよ~! I am officially a Mixi user now. Which means I can add my japanese friends from school, and vice versa. But unfortunately, I am too....恥ずかしい to do so. *Mixi is a very popular site like Facebook and Friendster, used by most japanese kids even adults nowadays. I am just too obvious around the school, whereby when, (if) I added someone that doesnt know me, they'll find me VERY easily. And that.... IS embarassing. Currently, I only have one friend (the guy that sent the Mixi invitation to me), and joined Aoyama University student group. I've been trying to find my school friends, but its too impossible. Too many people with the exact same name, wierd crappy names and so on. Unlike Facebook, they don't use real name which really makes me sangat ムカツク. -Susah orang nak carik tau! Tolonglah, kalau guna facebook tu pakai nama sebenar. Kalau tak mau, sila get out and use friendster or myspace instead. Its really annoying. *-*" Journey to the Mixi world has began, and it would not be easy. Reading their comments are scary enough to make me feel dizzy all day long. Like English and Malay, yes, they use short forms, a lot of unknown marks, expressions, and so on. Again, too many kanji, would make my head go round and round. If you have a Mixi, よろしくね。アッドしてね。 I will try my best to get to know more, and blend in with others even though I will always be different. jya na.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ini adalah semasa dia tak kenal kakak dia lagi. Masa bonda pergi Barcelona, setiap malam dia nangis. Penat saya..

Rindu sangat, amat, bangat.

Saya sangat rindu budak kecik ni. Aish... Tudung comel itu saya beli di Jakarta. 会いたくてたまらない~!
This is a video before my parents left for Barcelona. Iya da! ここにいてくれたらいいなぁ。。 I miss those laugh. Those baby words with priceless meaning, and emotions. ahh...if only.

Friday, April 17, 2009

MSAJ 花見@歓迎会

Yoyogi Uehara Park was not bad after all since most of the Sakura left their home about a week ago. It was quite late to do hanami at this time of year. But, it was lucky for us to find a very nice spot under a white sakura tree somewhere not-so-far-away from the toilet. (eheh..) On that beautiful Sunday, Iman baked 2 cheese cakes. As usual, they tasted like heaven. Thanks to her, hanami was a bit more sweet-er. We bought about 85 bentous for any MSAJ that comes. But, it too obvious not that many MSAJ members would not come, for too many reasons. So, everyone that came got a free bentou. I think I brought back about 2 for my self. Hotto-Motto was OK. I like thier Ebi-don though. ..kelas dah mula dah..nanti sambung balik. kut.

Let School Begin!

I've managed to finish my schedule. (At last~!) Unfortunately, I can't take French as my 3rd language since I had to take Human Communication instead. Taking French will cost me 4 extra credit to graduate. Meaning, instead of 134 credits, I will need to have about 140 credits to graduate. (That is if, I'm taking French). For your information, I can only take up to 44 credits a year. Since I got XX for 3 subjects last year, I had to repeat them back this year. Which will be added back to this year's 44 credits. Compared to last year, I'm taking more economics subjects that are pretty hard to digest. In one year, we have 2 semesters. 前期zenki and 後期kouki. In the first semester I'm taking 14 subject, so does the later, which means, I have 28 subjects to pass (AAもらえるように願ってます~!)with flying colours. I know I can't get 4 flats anymore for my last year's stupid mistakes, but I know I need to work hard to reclaim my dream. I've learned a lot for the past one year in Japan's university. You will make it if you know you can make it. It's all in your head. Your mind controls your body. If you have decided that its impossible, it will forever be impossible. Do what YOU want. That's what I did. Experience. I joined too many clubs last year. I guess it was a good thing though (rather saying that I wasn't being committed to the society), trying out different things teaches me a lot of priceless memories. - Model United Nation, where I represented the Iranian Embassy. - Mountain(Rock) Climbing, where I climbed walls after walls, indoors and outdoors. I decided to quit since I was force to spend a night camping with 4 men(instead of boys, since they are very men-looking) - Karate-Taekwando Club, learned a lot of new moves. They were very cool to me, and I really liked their practice; friendly, yet very tough and strict- except the part that I had to practice with the boys. I couldn't continue since I had to joined another club; study group. -Secret Clubs. There are few of this secret club that I joined. That cost me most of my time..何だろうね。。しっかりしてよ! Alhamdulillah, this year is very different compared to lasts. I'm a happier person, that says hi to everyone that I know. Which makes people wonder, who is that girl wearing the hjab?? Why does she looks very cheerful? I guess since I'm having morning classing(that starts at 9a.m) everyday now, I am more prepared before school. I did not have 1st period class the whole of last year. Plus, I am living with someone(Miss Izyan from Meiji University), and my new house is AWESOME! Its VERY near to the Machida train station, yet we can't hear any train noises at all! My window is facing a stream, and the sound calms whoever that's leaving nearby. -Thats it from me now. I have to leave for my 4th period.(2gen and 3gen, freeeeでした...)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Current 状態。

Sabaq ya, saya baru pindah rumah. Kerana masalah yang tidak bisa dielakkan, rumah baru tidak ada internet.Mungkin dalam masa seminggu dua lagi. Barang-barang pun masih belum kemas. Oleh kerana sekarang sibuk nak daftar subjek untuk semester baru, saya amat memerlukan internet. Sudah seminggu saya bertapak di rumah cik Iman. Bersama-sama memeningkan kepala memilih subjek dan menyiapkan jadual kelas sebelum minggu depan. Sehingga berjumpa lagi~ mata ne.