Saturday, May 23, 2009

When we entered someone else's class

I was free for the 2nd and 3rd period Friday, when Kouki approached me and asked if I want to join his English History class -the class was in Japanese.

Jori came in later on, and we sat in the last row of the class. As soon as the lecture starts, all the other boys stop talking, and...... they went to sleep. Great-just great.

I had no idea what the teacher was saying, since her japanese was so fast and I just can't hear her voice. No wonder they said that the class is so boring. I started doing my book-keeping, Jori with with drawing, and Koki did his homework.

When the class is about to finish, the lecturer asked them to send in a short report. On-the-spot.

..and, they panicked.

Koki : "Jori, what did she talk about?"

Jori : "How, am I supposed to know. I don't even understand her Japanese. But I can draw you something".

Koki: "You don't expect me to send in a drawing, do you??"


I have no idea what did Koki write for the report, but that is Jori's drawing for Koki, and I'm happy that I finished my book-keeping.

-what a class.

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