Monday, May 18, 2009

Mid Term Test

This is the first class to have the mid-year test. I have no idea how good or bad will I do this time since I was so busy doing other unimportant things. x_x

Its the English propaganda class where we have to learn different words and terms that are used in business and politics advertisement. -They're pretty hard to memorize,but I found it rather interesting-minus the excessive information on America.

By the way,Petronas has been worried about how our studies are going. I don't think getting a 4 flat or a Dean's List is impossible, but even getting a 3 pointer is VERY HARD enough. This is Japan, excuse me.

Everything is in Japanese. I will say that I still-am having problem with the language; that is use by the teachers and the text book.

I heard a saying, "Our hard work and effort matters the most rather than the result". Is that really so?

What about, "No matter how hard you work, if the result is bad, then there's still no point of doing whatever that you're doing".

Ah, I totally disagree with the later.

What ever it is, I want to make it through. All this test and exams are made to make me stronger I suppose. Not only in studies, but in life as well.

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gambatte nadia-san ^^