Thursday, May 14, 2009

English Class.

I only had first period today, and Iman joined my 1 hour and a half movie class. We watched Enemy of The States and Other People's Money non-stop. Iman wished she had a movie-report class that sounds rather easy and hassle free.(Which is so not〜)

I went to her university afterwards; Chuo Dai which is 45 minutes away bytrain. (OMG, the journey almost killed me! Her department is so far away from the main gate, and we had to climb so many stairs!)

Her english teacher was quite nice; she's from Sydney- no wonder her english is so different from my American teacher.

One of the topic we had in the class was "Special Friend".

I had no idea it was going to be about boyfriend/girlfriend. T-T"

(Yikes,I just realized that my post really sounds like a primary school essay-!〓)

So anyway, we had to practice english as if english is our 2nd language- well it is. Its just that the teacher said that the class is to good for us. Which I do not agree on. Instead of saying what is good for us, she should be thinking about what good can we bring to the class. I mean, by having Iman in her class, Iman can also share-teach other student as well.

They're just having conversation like,

-What do you want your to friend to have?

-What type of boyfriend you are looking for?

-Why do you think people break-up?

They're just having an easy-fun-relaxing class just by talking to each other. That's great isn't it? Compared to mine, where we discuss too much about current propaganda and politics~ Ah, I've had enough of America!

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Nadiah Shah said...

thnx for ur comments :) btw, since you live in japan hv u ever heard of L'Arc cafe or something like tat lah..