Friday, May 08, 2009

Ada apa dengan India.

Two girls came to me when I was having lunch alone at B棟 and said,

"Are you from 総合文化?"(Sougo Bunka- a name of a department here)

"Are you from India?"

"Sorry........Excuse me, what??"-too shocked. Then, when I was on my way home with a friend of mine, an uncle from another floor bumped into us, and asked,
Of course we were shocked,
"Eh... what??"
"Are you guys from India..?" "No, we're not. We're from Malaysia" "Ah... Malaysia? Oh.. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu( having the same meaning as 'nice to meet you')"
Seriously, do I look like an Indian today? Sekali, boleh lagi di maafkan. Twice?? Ini adalah sungguh tidak masuk akal.

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