Friday, May 15, 2009


I bought my tickets already~! I know, its too fast! I just came back from Malaysia less than 2 months ago! This is crazy! Again, I will be going back for 2 months; 4th of August, untill 22nd September. It's long! Too long! wah! theres so many exclamation mark! haha..! I am planning to pay Australia a visit this time. I've been wanting to go to America, but since they have the swine flu thingy there, I guess maybe next year. ^-^" So, where in Australia? -Brisbane; Gold Coast -Sydney Any other suggestion? I don't remember where are my friends studying at. Adelaide? This time, 2 Japanese friends of mine are going to Malaysia on the 25th! Yay! (Iman got one already, and she's recruiting for more~ maybe the whole class of 10 people) Any idea of what to do and where to go? *Its still to early for me to be happy about summer, but I really can't help it!


Princess Pumpkin@Labu said...

yay!!! so do you have time to hang out like last time?

ynf said...

jom jumpa!

Niealex said...

@zura; pretty much kut. bulan 8 mmg tak ada plans lagi.. ^-^

@yana; korang semua dah beli tiket balik ke?