Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thai Dramas

We had Thai for dinner. 4,500yen for 4. The Tomyamkun was superb, but... I guess I had too many things(and drama) going on my mind that the taste doesn't stick in my memory. Basically, I really didn't do anything today. Yet, I'm feeling pretty much exhausted figuring out myself and my past. What is in the past, should stay in the past. I've had enough of it, yet it still comes around, haunting me to repeat stupid mistakes. I want my Thai moments back. The soup, and the fried rice. The mushroom, and the shrimp. The laugh and the spiciness. I don't want to think about the uncertain. Memenatkan kepala, hati, dan perasaan; and what a waste of time. #The strawberry-chocolate oreo ice-cream was very good though.でも、二度と会いたくない。マジで。

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