Saturday, May 16, 2009


She came in bangin through our door when we were about to finish our morning prayer. She was mumbling, non-stop about the noise that my washine machine made. Its no doubt that its my fault for the stupid sound that it made in the so-called "middle of the night". But our prayers has got nothing what-so-ever to do with that.

What does she have against we praying??

She said that she's going to complain to the homeowner about our morning prayer that looked too suspicious, as if we didnt sleep all night long.

What do you expect to see??

She jerked her head through our front window the next day. Wondering that we'll be praying again at noon. Crazy.

"You people make me sick! Your prayers are sick! This is Japan, so stop your so-called prayers and do what Japanese do!"

Excuse me, God is everywhere. Don't be so bias-prejudice-racist-sterotyping...(what else?) Argh! this is so stressful! She can hate us, but never ever insult our religion.

Plus, she said that there was a weird smell made whilewe were praying. Apekah?! Ingat kita solat ada pakai kemenyan ke?



Najwa Diyana said...

kuang ajar minah tue.. (=_____=)
abis dia dok semayang kt kuil pakai asap2 ngan bising2 gne gendang uh ape..? org len xpnah bising un..

sejak ble semayang kte wat bising..? (.____.) plus.. smells..? lol kemenyang.. haha..

lost said...

But, aren't the prayers silent?how does it affect anyone?

CaBaiKeRinG said...

hi there dear.. thanks for reading my blog!

take care n be happy


KHF said...

one word...


and they start imagining things in their heads..haha..