Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mummy in Sabah.

Mummy (my mom yer..bukan mumia) is all the way in Sabah right now.
4 days since friday, doing BTN (Biro Tata Negara).

She just gave birth, last Disember 6th. Now, she's leaving Nafeesa at home with all the other (my siblings) to take care of the baby. Im here, Naim, (the 2nd) is currently in Sibu, Sarawak for his PLKN (3 months of national service). So, the biggest at home would be Nadzmi.(yg sangat tak boleh harap walaupun dah besar gajah, 16 thun)

So, are you shock? Do I sound like im angry?

Not really.

I know they can take care of Nafeesa, and my mom shouldnt be worry about a thing.
My dad was on Yahoo Messanger today, and I asked him hows things at home. Well, Nadzrin (4th one, 14 thun)bathed her, Nassry(6th, 12thun) made the milk and Hani(8th, 7thun) put her to sleep. Done.

Nasuha, (7th, 9yrs old) is the best at calming the baby(dodoi)! That I can assure u. He's very good at it! Pandai tau budak ni masak.. he made the best telur mata, pancakes.. yang ini boleh harap. =D

These boys are actually at their best behaviour when mummy's not around. They'll clean up the house, do the laundry, cook for themself, do the dishes.. everything. Independent. But when mummy is at home, they'll play online games, Wii.. 24/7!

As for today, my dad had some meeting in Shah Alam and he sent the 3 girls to my auntie's house. Now, they want to stay there for the night. Hani wants to play there with the other cousins. Just great.

I wonder how isit to be at home now. Without me, mummy, naim, nafhani, nazneen, nafeesa.
Its like, half full.. or half empty.
I hate the feeling so much! Even when there's only one of us is not at home. I just cant help it. mcm ada yg hilang.. padahal sorang je.

So, just imagine. I can only see them from the CCTV on the internet.
Im all deaf from their voices. I miss the time when they fight, when they play.

Yet, when Im back home, with them, I'll just say
"Can you guys please shut up an go away?! Bisinglahh!!"

Haha.. typical human being.

You never know what you've got till it's gone

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