Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Berakhirnya sebuah cerita.

I knew this feeling would come. But I didnt prepare myself for it. Dunia macam terhenti seketika. I cant do anything but to cry, not knowing why. I arrived at about 7;30 am this morning. (8thjan) I dont feel like going to school or meeting anyone. Badan terasa sangat letih. Still, the tears doesnt stop. I miss my mom soo bad. I want to call her, but im out of phone card. Im afraid that even if I can do so, I cant say a thing but to cry. Im feeling so miserable right now. I guess, this is what people call home sick. Japan. Cold like always. The people, are colder than ever. Looking at their faces staring back at me, with no stated feelings whatsoever, I felt soo lonely. It wasnt that easy to pull and carry some 30kg bags okay.. Still, no one helped me. I was struggling crazily with them, carrying the bags all the way to my room on the 3rd floor. I dont feel so good now.

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