Thursday, January 24, 2008


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw small white particles that looked like feathers falling from the sky. It was so beautiful. I spent about 10mins staring outside, when i realised that I was already late for school. ( Yeah, I was late)

For a first timer when it comes to snow, I was a little bit lost whether I should ride the bike, or take the train instead. Well, snow does come from water particles after all, and I could get wet. After few seconds of some stupid 'thinking', I decided to take the train.

I just love the snow when it falls on me. It feels so... romantic. It was very cold at that time, so I had to cover myself up like a mummy. ( But a very colourful and flowery one)

They fall.. from the sky, mesmerizing my view.
But, they melt as soon as they reach the ground.
Sometimes the rain falls, together with them.
Too bad, they aren't here to stay.

About 2-3pm or so, the snow stopped falling. It was good enough for me. I was satisfied. (and still am). Its better than none, as I've been waiting for about 1 year and a half now since I reached Tokyo. There were no snow at all last year.

The Japanese were very pleased to have the snow at last. They forecasted it to fall last Saturday, then, last Sunday, then, last Monday... It never did. I kinda lose faith in their weather forecast somehow. You know, they were always right when it comes to weather forecasts.

But today, I couldn't be happier!! They're happy too. Just like us, gaijin. The so-called first timers.
-the end-

Watch the snow fall. Check!

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