Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

Me and Aqilah. with Sza, Mizah and Arif celebrated New Year's Eve at The Curve.

We didnt manage to snap much pics. Cuz I left my camera at home, and now its broken. But, I think that these pics are good enuf. We did some window shopping, and Mizah had a very messy dinner at Carls Jr., and then we walked all the way from OU to The Curve.

It was my first time celebrating new year in The Curve. I didnt expect the crowd at all.. Seriously, it was chaos. Teenagers were spraying things at each other.., noisy+ annoying attention seekers and bitches with scanty clothing.., what else.. "monkeys" dancing on the pavements.. It was weird to be seeing parents and small children there. Its a no-no place for kids!

Young stupid+ jahiliyah Malays drinking.. Smooching.. what else.. urgh!! The after party was a disaster to me. I cant stand the scene. Rubbish everywhere. I left The Curve at about 3a.m after meeting Ayin. He and his friends.. were DRUNK. Eww.. they reminded me of the japanese after work on Friday night.

Malaysia, what has happened to you? Corrupted by the oh-so Hadhari. Or shall I say, the "new way" of islam. Oh yah.., (nak lari topik sikit..) I went shopping at SOGO yesterday, and I couldnt find anything that 'fits me'. Hahaha... ( Im not THAT fat kayh..) It was the designs. T-shirts, T-shirts.. scanty clothes.. even the long sleeves are short as they reveal the 'ass' badly. x-x"

Look, dont you think that whoever designed those clothes actually have a serious power to control what we wear? People buy whatever that is on the shelves. The cheaper the better. Not many people would really care to design what they "want" to wear. (Hope you get what i mean .. {^o^}v

I shall continue later on. Cya!

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