Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Drolsss.. over SLEEQ!

Omg, I cant believe that Im actually falling for this RnB/Rap group from Singapore! Thier music is not bad at all! and they are, SUPER ADORABLE!! How can people not love them? I had no idea if they're already very famous there or what, cuz I just browsed thru some music pages in Myspace. and fell hard! They are Sharif and Alif, that I think would be about 19yrs old this year. Aduh.. mereka sungguh la comel.. *^-^*blush* "Why do you have to be so cute~ Its impossible to ignore you~" It started with this... ( Almost But ) and then, this...(the song at the end, Masanya) ~aaa... they're taking my breath away~~ and it ends with, this one. (Pilihlah Aku) thus, its official that I am soooo into them! They dont lipsync.. and they have this song, Desiree, at their MySpace page. You can check 'em out. They dont sound like some Asian singin English. They are good. They're just, perfect cute boys. haha... =) Daa~~ (sorry, saya masih seperti kanak2 perempuan yg lain.. ngehehe..)

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