Thursday, January 10, 2008

Its not wrong.

It was the general subject class, that suddenly a chinese guy(from china) across my seat asked Husna wether she had her Asar prayer already or not. Wah... is he reminding her of her prayers? What do you think? He's just being nice? mengambil berat? Do you know why he asked? hehe... Usually we'll rush right after the class to pray Asar, as the Asar time starts in the middle of the class and finishes 15mins after the class ends. So, we barely have time to chit-chat with him after class, as we have to go to the basement floor to pray. It was around spring, and the praying time will change as its already winter now (the sun sets earlier). Actually, it was the 2nd time that we went late for class. Asar is about 2:26 and the class starts at 2:30pm. Pray first, then go to class. But having that guy, asking such question, dont you find it a little bit akward? It seems like he wants to track our praying time. So what?-isnt that great?? Compared to having muslim friends that doesnt even know that praying is wajib( a thing that you MUST do). Tinggalkan solat dengan sesuka hati, main qadha2 je.. lagi la macam nak kiamat. Anyway, happy new year to all my muslim friends. Salam Maal Hijrah 1429. Semoga Allah memberkati orang2 mukmin yang beriman. =) Make a resolution. Repair your broken parts. Insya'Allah you'll do fine. Jya! Assalamualaikum.

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bb_aisha said...

I think that's great. At work I'm asked about hijab & salaah & I enjoy answering. As long as people are respectful