Friday, February 01, 2008

One of these days..

Another -lifeblog-!! Setelah penat berhempas-pulas dengan encik angin sejuk.. akhirnya saya sampai juge kat rumah.. basikal pula buat hal, "kriuk~kriuk" dia berbunyi.        (basikal buruk saya yang telah banyak berjasa...)

Walaubagaimanapun~ saya sangat gembira hari ini. 6 jam di Ikebukuro, tak terasa lama. Hehe.. 2 winter jackets. for a very-very cheap price. Gold colour jacket with snow cap;

Original price- 5000yen, i bought it for 1990yen. Happiness~ =D the other one, Purple coat, semi-long; original price, 2000yen.after less, 980yen. another happiness~ (^o^)V (sorry, gambar buruk sungguh. i dont do this very often)

oh yah, i forgot to mention my new (and very dangerous) addiction, which is buying chocolate. as i finished shopping, i realized that i had bought 4 chocolate bars. everytime i see one, i buy one. i even got my self the "Wonka Chocolate Bar" for 525yen! I decorated my phone with some sakura stickers for 500yen,and took back my camera;from BicCam, what else.. the summary for today, i've spent abt 10,000yen in total. (arghh..not supposed to happen!) im not that rich you know. (>_<)" i should save some for my apartment rent, plane ticket to europe and some to spend there. (oh god, i havnt book any for german n france's trip!) i need tu put aside some for my new house. adeh~ Baik2.. saya janji, ari ni last! ngeee =D

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