Sunday, February 01, 2009

申し訳ない。。Mintak Ampun.

I know its been a while now since I post up anything here. I'm still having my exam, and few more papers to go. Cant wait to go back to Malaysia!! (again...^0^") But the ticket is not confirmed yet. I've decided to move to a new cheaper house, with Izyan. Near Machida-eki. Lately, I prefer to blog at my since I can access it from my phone, wherever I am. (Most of the time, its in Japanese. Gomenne.. =) I have tons of things to share, yet so little time. (Need to be very careful when it comes to watching Arashi. Its a disease... Iyaakk!!) Wish me luck for my papers. (and my flight ticket too~) Jya^-^"

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