Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#200th POST!!# ND#5 - Weekends

レインボークラッカーThis is the 200th post of When I'm Here. クラッカー音譜 My dad made this blog, and my gmail account too for me about 8 years ago. (that's why I got (‐^▽^‐) At the time where blogging was something weird, and I used to think why people would bother writing about their life on the net and why would others too would even bother to read about that. だから, boring... (-。-;) So, my dad wrote the first post for me. But later on, I started writing at Multiply. little by little. forgetting that I had one here. にひひ The rest are history. (Addicted to blogging? Not really.. シラー) *:..。o○☆゚・:,。*:..。o○☆ さて、 Since ND#4, I had no time to even sit and write. Lots of works to do, here and there, and hangin out with my friends. Well, friendsといえば、I met only 3 to be exact. Saturday, I met Aiman and his girlfriend, Dina at Bijoux Bazaar in Solaris, Mont Kiara. I brought my little sisters as well. hehe.. Its my first time meeting Aiman after knowing each other for few years on the net. Lols. ニコニコ Dina was very friendly indeed, and I didnt feel any uneasiness. 会えてよかった(*⌒∇⌒*) またいつかね~ Later that night, went to Baskin Robin, Mont Kiara with Irene. Miss her so much~!! dfr Had too much choco- ice and shake.. 苦笑 Balik rumah sakit gigi. Sunday, day out with Iman and her siblings at One Utama. She brought her 2 years old brother, Amsyar, with Hakim, and Izzah. And I (macam biasa) brought the youngest 4. It was, well hectic, especially when we went to Big Apple for doughnuts! Haha.. Chocolates everywhere! キャハハ "Beratnyee....... budak 3 orang nih," "Amsyar facinated with Feesa," "Before the big mess.." Iman - shoe hunting. くつ Me - Specticle hunting. メガネ Izzah - teman kakak dia. のぞみ Lastly, when we were rushing as the shops are closing, Izzah managed to get herself a very cute looking new shoes. Me and Iman・・・ はてなマーク We had fun. 好 One Love by 嵐 has been playing for hours now. LOVE One love for all~

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