Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ND#2 - Lunch Time

Hectic. Gila. Since I left home about 3 years ago, I guess a lot of things has change. Some of my siblings are more responsible than they are before. GOODGOOD Now that they have finished their evening school (sekolah agama sampai darjah 6), they've helped around the house, once in a while. にひひ Hectic? Yeah, still have 3 more of them that go to evening school. Yikes! I don't know what to prepare, yet I didnt even make breakfast! Well, I had to make brunch then. I was kinda nervous what the food will turn out to be. What to cook eh?? ^-^#Its been a while since I cook in very big porpotion. ONE whole red onion, and ONE whole garlic used. (Kuali sebesar peluk~)きゃっ In front, they were shouting and fighting for what, I dont know. Screaming and crying..!! And I, still in the kitchen running around, not knowing what to cook.苦笑苦笑 - Managed to make spaghetti goreng. ( Macam banyak minyak. oily sikit. tak tahu nak agak banyak mana)にひひ Have to take them from school afterwards, and do some grocery shopping. # Tesco is very near to my house, but my mom has been boycotting Tesco for a while now. I guess have to go to Giant, or Mydin then. #I thought of making one ND per day, well I guess if I have the time, and the stories, just be ready to hear more from me~~(*^▽^*) mata ne! ♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

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nu-hja said...

mesti best ada ramai adik ! :D
comel, boleh main2 ^-^
satu adik je xbest, especially bila dia dh besar, kepala asyk kne pijak je -_-"

kak nadiah sgt rajin and brtanggungjwab :D

go kak nadiah ! hehe.