Friday, February 20, 2009

ND#7 - 超ー寝不足!

Satu hari suntuk buat kerja-kerja rumah tak de la rasa mcm nak rebah sangat. Tapi bila malam menjelang... sungguh~! bahu, tumit dan pinggang rasa nak tertanggal dah. I think my 1 year old sister misses my mom so much that she can't sleep properly. She'll start to cry, and cry.. and cry. In order for me to keep her quiet, I had to carry her. No sitting! Or else she'll cry. I need to dodoi her and walk around the room. There are days that I had to do that until 5 a.m. I can't afford to sleep after 8 a.m (after I sent the kids for school). The sun is not going to wait for me. #Sorry naza, aku tak sempat la nak pi beli rojak 5 bungkus.

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