Tuesday, February 03, 2009

送別会 Majlis Perpisahan.

At last......!! I finished all 5 papers already. Just now I had International Communication and Middle East' History paper. (気持ちわくなちゃった!) Somehow, the school atmosphere seemed to be a little bit weary and tired as today is the last day of the examination. (Different from what I've experienced before where the last day of the examination would be the day where students will get so energetic and getting ready to party~ (maybe the paper was bad, or they did not do very well in it.. T-T") So we had our farewell party right after the last paper. Its for international students and tutors that will be heading to Aoyama Campus for the third year. Like always, I can only eat maki-sushi and inari. But, there are..... the cakes!
Berry Cheese Cake the berry jam was thick and melts in the mouth gently, complimenting the smooth taste of the cheese cake. aaahh..
Tiramisu Coffee Cheese Cake
The coffee powder on top really made an impact, since the cheese had a very luxurious milky taste. It was heaven ~*
#There's no way you can eat both of these with your eyes open. Believe me! ^-^ #Mastuda-san said that these are cheaper than the ones at Ginza Corner. I was shock to even know that they're NOT from Ginza Corner in the first place~!! #"End of exams" presents for me ♪

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