Sunday, April 26, 2009


It has been raining for few days now, and my Saturday is done. I have been reading a book on O blood type people and I found it rather funny and interesting. Nothing much to be said by a person that is so famous for having two different personality where it is necessary. I still am me. I've been having a lot of things in my head and things to be done. Choices to made, places to go, people to meet and so on. Yet, I am basically spending my Saturday doing nothing, and what's gone, is gone. Oh yah, I made a cheese-cake just now( at last, I am worthy of making something~)! Husna's birthday was last night. I had totally forgotten that I remember her birthday but never said a single wish to her even though I was with her-- all night long. Pathetic? (It serves me right when no one wishes me on my birthday.)-Past? Present? Future? I realised that I have become my own fear. Something that I wish I would never want to be. To do things that I would never will do (again). But, Que Sera Sera Whatever will be will be The future's not ours to see Que Sera Sera What will be will be. ^the songs keeps on playing in my head, reminding me how weird the education system was-is. We sang this for 3rd grade year-end's presentation. Is it true? Agreeable? that, what ever will be, will be? Soory,the picture is too big. We ate too much sushis >_<" Charlie-Me-Akane-Husna-Iman.


Princess Pumpkin@Labu said...

hey wutsup dgn face u yang a bit different? let me gues.. photo shop??? :P tahniah2..

Niealex said...

oh.. I don't use photoshop.
this is exactly what we get from the machine.

tahniah? terima kasih.

tun izyan dalila said...

ini ke akane? cam chinese and looks so majime. hehe

Niealex said...

akane des~
mmg majime pun. bawak dictionary tebal merata2..
majime tuhh..