Friday, April 17, 2009

Let School Begin!

I've managed to finish my schedule. (At last~!) Unfortunately, I can't take French as my 3rd language since I had to take Human Communication instead. Taking French will cost me 4 extra credit to graduate. Meaning, instead of 134 credits, I will need to have about 140 credits to graduate. (That is if, I'm taking French). For your information, I can only take up to 44 credits a year. Since I got XX for 3 subjects last year, I had to repeat them back this year. Which will be added back to this year's 44 credits. Compared to last year, I'm taking more economics subjects that are pretty hard to digest. In one year, we have 2 semesters. 前期zenki and 後期kouki. In the first semester I'm taking 14 subject, so does the later, which means, I have 28 subjects to pass (AAもらえるように願ってます~!)with flying colours. I know I can't get 4 flats anymore for my last year's stupid mistakes, but I know I need to work hard to reclaim my dream. I've learned a lot for the past one year in Japan's university. You will make it if you know you can make it. It's all in your head. Your mind controls your body. If you have decided that its impossible, it will forever be impossible. Do what YOU want. That's what I did. Experience. I joined too many clubs last year. I guess it was a good thing though (rather saying that I wasn't being committed to the society), trying out different things teaches me a lot of priceless memories. - Model United Nation, where I represented the Iranian Embassy. - Mountain(Rock) Climbing, where I climbed walls after walls, indoors and outdoors. I decided to quit since I was force to spend a night camping with 4 men(instead of boys, since they are very men-looking) - Karate-Taekwando Club, learned a lot of new moves. They were very cool to me, and I really liked their practice; friendly, yet very tough and strict- except the part that I had to practice with the boys. I couldn't continue since I had to joined another club; study group. -Secret Clubs. There are few of this secret club that I joined. That cost me most of my time..何だろうね。。しっかりしてよ! Alhamdulillah, this year is very different compared to lasts. I'm a happier person, that says hi to everyone that I know. Which makes people wonder, who is that girl wearing the hjab?? Why does she looks very cheerful? I guess since I'm having morning classing(that starts at 9a.m) everyday now, I am more prepared before school. I did not have 1st period class the whole of last year. Plus, I am living with someone(Miss Izyan from Meiji University), and my new house is AWESOME! Its VERY near to the Machida train station, yet we can't hear any train noises at all! My window is facing a stream, and the sound calms whoever that's leaving nearby. -Thats it from me now. I have to leave for my 4th period.(2gen and 3gen, freeeeでした...)

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